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Squeaky4100 = Scammer 2cnd time this has been said


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Lifesa13itch0000: doesnt work
Lifesa13itch0000: dude
Lifesa13itch0000: whats real pass?
Sqeaky4100: isnt it payasyougo6? of ***
Sqeaky4100: 1 sec i forgot i changed thru recovery
Sqeaky4100: its ..
Lifesa13itch0000: k
Sqeaky4100: RFJERWTZR
Sqeaky4100: blizz gives random pws
Lifesa13itch0000: were are numbers?
Sqeaky4100: no numbers
Lifesa13itch0000: doesnt work
Lifesa13itch0000: dude
Lifesa13itch0000: dont scam
Sqeaky4100: it shuld, lemme try
Sqeaky4100: I JUST CHANGED IT 5 MIN AGO, it should work, or does it take time to acctivate?
Lifesa13itch0000: idk
Sqeaky4100: make sure your logged outa another acc on wow.com
Lifesa13itch0000: i am
Lifesa13itch0000: dude
Lifesa13itch0000: jsut give me the right password
Sqeaky4100: lemme try it
Lifesa13itch0000: or give me rogues info
Sqeaky4100: logging outa lvl 1 dude, gunna log into my acc
Lifesa13itch0000: dude give me info
Lifesa13itch0000: serious though man
Sqeaky4100: i know man
Sqeaky4100: 1 sec, ok im logged out lemme try
Lifesa13itch0000: please just give me info
Sqeaky4100: wtf it isnt working, lemme recall my acc again and get new pass
Sqeaky4100: did you change dude?
Lifesa13itch0000: no
Sqeaky4100: r u sure?
Lifesa13itch0000: and how can you recall if you dont have word
Sqeaky4100: call friend that does
Sqeaky4100: and ask him if he has it
Lifesa13itch0000: dude
Sqeaky4100: he wasnt orig owner but he might
Sqeaky4100: brb calling him, ill still be here tho
Lifesa13itch0000: either give me shamy or rouge
Lifesa13itch0000: il take the rogue
Lifesa13itch0000: dude
Lifesa13itch0000: you there?
Sqeaky4100: dude wtf
Sqeaky4100: mage pw isnt working now
Lifesa13itch0000: shutup
Sqeaky4100: you scammed me
Lifesa13itch0000: lol
Lifesa13itch0000: im sure
Sqeaky4100: dude , buffahoy22 isnt working
Sqeaky4100: man..
Lifesa13itch0000: you were just on
Lifesa13itch0000: i recalled it
Lifesa13itch0000: you tryed to scam
Lifesa13itch0000: i gave first
Lifesa13itch0000: and look what happend
Sqeaky4100: wtf im not scamming
Lifesa13itch0000: ok
Lifesa13itch0000: no trade
Lifesa13itch0000: unless i get info first
Sqeaky4100: dude im not scamming, i have no acc cuz u changed pw

friend almost got scammed... Notice the blizzard one didnt even have numbers?


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Re: Squeaky4100 = Scammer

By the way he wouldnt even let magicmaster middle man it. HTis guys markee name is payasyougo1 lol yesterday he gave my friend a pass that didnt work and the next day used same one. Now he says my friends a scammer. This guys pathetic


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Re: Squeaky4100 = Scammer

DUDE, I said I didnt want to trade you. Take it to that, and btw that log inst real, are you that mad at me that I didnt want to trade to make sumthing up? get a life dude.