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Selling SpiritWish Soothsayer Lightning Mage Time Mage Mercenary Masterpiece

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Selling my SpiritWish SEA Server which is the more populated server.... Spiritwish just soft launched so get WAY ahead with this account., Very hard to get currency in Spiritwish and to pull a rare character is extremely difficult (.1% for full character otherwise you get shards...)

About the account:

Still has two weeks worth of premium service (idle leveling), has 300 + mileage points.
Tons of masterpiece equipment to work with/dismantle so you can craft legendary stuff. Will be able to farm legendary stuff (lvl 50), in a week or so. High rank for pvp, and onkalo trials.

Check what is listed below for more info..

Its linked to a dummy facebook account.

Account has the following Rare and Enchanted Units:

Lvl 43 Soothsayer - Rare Character , SSS Tier Support, one of the best! Can heal, cast barrier and be DPS! Has Masterpiece Weapon and Masterpiece ++ Armor!

Lvl 43 Mercencary - Enchanted Character, uses two handed sword, high DPS with Masterpiece Armor and Forest Bottom Armor, has white hair from rare dye!

Lvl 42 Lightning Mage - Enchanted Mage with great AOE stun, SSS TIER for PVP and PVE! Has Masterpiece Weapon!

Lvl 35 Time Mage - Enchanted Mage, Great Support!

Lvl 20 Cleric (Male) - Enchanted Cleric, has forest mace which can be upgraded too Masterpiece, also has Masterpiece Armor!

Misc Units:

Sentinel - Has Some masterpiece armor

Starter Archer - upgraded x 4 (got four of her for enhancing) Has Masterpiece Bow!

Masterpiece Storage:

Masterpiece Weapon and Armor for Arbalist x2
Masterpiece Shield for Fighter and Defender x2
x2 Masterpiece Sword +++ for Kunochi (Ninja Girl)
x2 Masterpiece Spear for Spearmen


Spent a little money on it so would like to get that back.

Price: $50 Through PAYPAL or offer

Buy with confidence, I got plenty of good feedback!

Discord: Rodart#1964
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