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Sell Account Soul Reverse Zero Starter Account:

How To Buy:

1. Go to this Website
2. Just cheklist chara you want and click blue Button and it will show account that contain Chara you cheklist
3. Send me Message with picture account you want, like this
If yout account not available in website, send me Message what chara you want.
5. I will Reply Message you, how much price that account
6. You pay the account
Register a new Account Sega ID in Sega website
7. After create new Sega, send me id and password so i can linking that account
8. I will tell you when linking is done
9. Happy Playing with your chara

Estimate Price Account:
1 SSR: $10
2 SSR: $10
3 SSR: $30
4 SSR: $40

Payment Via Paypal

If you have question Feel Free to Ask
My email: [email protected]
You can Visit My Ebay Store: Ebay
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