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Someone is impersonating me rofl


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is the topic. Here is the convo
blakenelsonss: hi i dotn nkow what yuo are tlkign about
ikana696: Im the real Hartii2k6 you douchebag
ikana696: Don't [censored] impersonate me
ikana696: I'll break you're legs.
blakenelsonss: i am not i dotn know what this is even about
ikana696: I am talking to zomgsexisfun
ikana696: Answer me.
blakenelsonss: o him hes being retarted he told my freind the same thign my freind doestn even know what eh is tlking abotu then my freind signed off but ok he can say what he want i got 3 neg on my acc i dotn inposter
ikana696: Don't EVER
ikana696: EVER
ikana696: Dare to impersonate me.
ikana696: I can get in contact with some big markee people
blakenelsonss: umm who is sayign this i dotn imposter any one and if i did i can crate a new acc so yea
blakenelsonss: why would i think about it
blakenelsonss: and stop calling me an imposter
ikana696: Do you think I'm retarded?
ikana696: I catch scamemrs like you.
ikana696: And retards
ikana696: You pin [censored] on me.
ikana696: I'll [censored] you up.
ikana696: Well?
blakenelsonss: umm no you cant i am a marshel arts guy lol gl
blakenelsonss: lol that would eb funnig
ikana696: Woow.
ikana696: You ARE either gay, or 11 years old.
ikana696: Or, high on some real [censored] up weed.
ikana696: Answer me.
ikana696: Which are you?
blakenelsonss: yuo anet my boss yuor my [censored] i answer yiou when i want
ikana696: Are you dumb? Or are you [censored] pretending! Cause that would be understandable.
ikana696: LOL
ikana696: IM UR [censored]
ikana696: HAHA
ikana696: Go back to school, kiddoh. And shoosh, don't yell, you'll wake mommy and she'll catch you up on the PC.
blakenelsonss: lol ill make a new ai and scam mor epopel then lolllllllllllll
ikana696: Rotflol go ahead.
ikana696: [censored] retard.
blakenelsonss: lol
ikana696: Go ahead, please.
blakenelsonss: i will thx
blakenelsonss: thikn yuor asll toguh ill break yuo legs big threat ddue
ikana696: Please
ikana696: Please
ikana696: PLEASE
ikana696: Pleaes
ikana696: I'm having a headeache
blakenelsonss: cool
ikana696: Like you might understand
ikana696: Yuo aer deedeedee. DeeDeeDeeeh!
blakenelsonss: nice
ikana696: liek el oh el
ikana696: rotflolololloleaa
blakenelsonss: wooooooo
ikana696: zomghahaha!!111111eleventeen
ikana696: Dude
ikana696: Grow a pair of nuts.
ikana696: Please.
ikana696: And maybe some fuzz.
blakenelsonss: ill try
ikana696: Lol
blakenelsonss: this is funny
ikana696: I know!
ikana696: It's like
ikana696: Talking to my unborn niece!
ikana696: It's like talking to my dog! Oh wait, at least they respond intelligently.
blakenelsonss: he guees what gtg make a new acc
blakenelsonss: later [censored]
ikana696: Have fun retard
ikana696: No one will fall for it.
and while ur there
blakenelsonss: yea they will allrdy got 2 later
ikana696: GO TO SCHOOL
ikana696: [censored] READY
ikana696: Ar'tard
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He's stupid indeed. He will try to scam you pretending to be me. Ignore him. MY ONLY AIM = IKANA696

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Lol yea i caught that guy hes a freaking retard.