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Some Scammers may not be after your account but ...


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Hey guys. You guys have to make sure you follow all the instructions laid out by these wonderful MDs. However, some of these [censored] are not really after your account, but out to do some real damage. Take this guy for an example:

sereniustolvar: hey
sereniustolvar: are you still interested in trading your WOW account
NightFly oo1: yes i am
sereniustolvar: oh cool
NightFly oo1: wat do you have?
sereniustolvar: heres some screenshots of mine if you want
NightFly oo1: hrmm .. yea ... i would rather like to check in game
NightFly oo1: hello?
sereniustolvar: no dude
sereniustolvar: not gonna happen
sereniustolvar: my chars too good
sereniustolvar: not gonna risk it
NightFly oo1: risk wat?
sereniustolvar: ly.
sereniustolvar: revealing identity
NightFly oo1: there is nothing threatening in showing identity .. .especially coming from someone who wants to trade also ..
NightFly oo1: especially since I won't even know the login name also ...
NightFly oo1: but there is something very suspicious about your behavior
sereniustolvar: whatever bub
NightFly oo1: I'll make a post about you .. you can be sure on that
sereniustolvar: go for it
NightFly oo1: thanks for your time
sereniustolvar: im sure theres already a few
sereniustolvar: i was going to send you a virus
sereniustolvar: i care not. thx.

Big giveaway in the conversation was how he was afraid to show his character's "identity." People, we all know that showing each other's character/s will be inevitable. But always keep in mind that these low-lifes will go the extra mile to do some real harm. So always be cautious and be careful out there!