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[sold] Selling my high-end Obey Me account! lvl 225, 63 UR/UR+ cards. U$ 90

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Enjoy the story without the grinding. Veeery high end account! Been playing since december/19 - and will keep logging in until I sell it.

This game was my constant companion during quarantine. I used to play everyday and have participated in almost all events, but it's time to move on with my life.

I wish this account can bring joy to someone else too!

U$ 75, via paypal or the middleman.

lvl 225.
Demon vouchers: 30
SSR demon voucher: 2
Devil points: 388
LD tickets: 20
Raven feathers: 414
Rainbow glowsticks: 89
Story keys: 80
147 fully unlocked stories - all faved so you can find easily. I like Lucifer, Solomon, Diavolo and Barbatos, so most are of them.

Vip trial already used.
Normal lessons: 80 - no need for glowsticks.
Hard lessons: 73 - cards need glowsticks to win battles.

Demon cards:
- 63 UR/UR+
- 139 SSR
3 of each color at lvl 128

Memory cards:
- 31 UR
- 50 SSR
at least 2 of each color at lvl 119 (was farming to have a full team)

I haven't unlocked many outfits or backgrounds because I focused all my grimm on lvling up my main cards, but I do own a lot of cards, so you can unlock others if you want.

Intimacy: 36
unlocked outfits: angelic, demon form

Intimacy: 32
unlocked outfits: swapped, arabian, butler, demon, everyday clothes.

Intimacy: 32
unlocked outfits: angelic, yukata, butler, demon.

Intimacy: 31
unlocked outfits: arabian, demon, everyday clothes.
outfits that can be unlocked: pirate, halloween, human world, angelic, swapped, yukata.

Intimacy: 32
unlocked outfits: bunny boy, TSL, yukata, arabian, demon, everyday clothes.

Intimacy: 32
unlocked outfits: animal, arabian, butler, demon.

Intimacy: 32
unlocked outfits: arabian, butler, demon.

Intimacy: 30
unlocked outfits: demon.

Intimacy: 30
unlocked outfits: demon.

Intimacy: 28
unlocked outfits: onesie

Intimacy: 28
unlocked outfits: -

Intimacy: 30
unlocked outfits: everyday clothes.


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