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SOLD (Sold)OP Acct Top 4 SS Pvp Tier 6* darkken/5* darkrose/5* darkkarin/5* Yuna!!

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Hello guys, i have one beast account for sale, all characers/artifacts all one account. The only best account on this forum. For a fixed price - 1500, no lower than it. If interested, please message me on discord.

Account in Asia Server. (Screenshot+account details updated as of Dec-11-18)

6* Martial artist ken(most op character in the game-due to Counter passive) - Rated as SS PVP tier in Korea
5* dark shadow rose(With Full Set Decent Speed Gears - Your whole team first turn in arena) - Rated as SS PVP tier in Korea
5* Bloodbath karin (PVP beast in arena - Full AOE attack + increase att/def/speed on low hp) - Rated as SS PVP tier in Korea
Paring up with a 5* Yuna(Buffing Speed+Attack), this team is godly ! - only if you have the time to farm yuna !
5* Yuna - Best PVP/PVE buffer-dps - gives att+speed buff to full team combined with the above -> insanity !!!

A side note : no trolling/flamming comments in my thread, otherwise it will be reported to the moderators, as seen in the comments section ( https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/adding-1-more-op-character-for-sale.1395916/ ), most comments are removed due to trolling/flamming in my thread, and hence reported to the mods for actions/removal. Another trolling/flamming users/comments will be reported to the moderators with your user link. Please keep the thread clean and neat. Only serious buyers please kindly add me on discord to discuss. Below are all the information you can get.

Scammer alert as well : Also this user tried to use my characters and scam people ( https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/top...rose-more-5-characters-super-endgame.1397192/ ), please be careful not to deal with anybody without any middleman !

And to scammers trying to scam this account, do not bother. I know all your scam methods !

Char list :

Martial Artist Ken (Moonlight Summon)
Dark Shadow Rose (Moonlight Summon)
Bloodblade Karin (Moonlight summon)

Lorina x2

5* Artifacts
Uberius Tooth +11 (65% to inflict additional damage upon critical hit on single attack - Warrior ) best for Dark Ken
Abyssal Crown ( chances to stun for mages )
Holy Sacrifice ( 50% base chances to revive for knights )
Shimadra Staff ( 20% more healing for healers, good for destina )
Rhianna & Luciella ( Best for blood blade karin )
Duranhal - Increases action guage when being attacked - good for warriros

Hell Cutter
El's Fist
Rosa Hargana
Tagehel Ancient Book
Water Origin
Elyha Knife
Moonlight Dreamblade

A very OP account which every players dream of having., especially korea players. Account linked to gmail, gmail will be given as well, its not linked to stove account. Just gmail. But the gmail you may change the current email to your own email as well the mobile number linked to it to your own number.

No bids needed, only a buyout price i set (1,500 usd fixed). Payment will be paypal ( as friends and family, not for services & goods ), if you don't have paypal, you can use western union as well. For Singapore players, we can meet up and deal on spot if you wish or ibank transfer. For malaysia buyers, you can travel to sg to deal with me also, it can be done !

As i am a seller, it's up to you whether to use a middleman or no. Since its a big amount, i advise you to use a middleman from epicnpc, but the service fee for middleman you have to pay for it, not from me.

Interested parties, please add me discord to discuss. If you want to buy at lower price, don't message me. The price will be fixed ($1,500usd). Only buyers willing to pay 1.5k for op account then message me on discord, just in case you are wondering what is discord, it's similar to a chat app. Thank you!

Discord : superman1987#8474
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Here to help. Just contact me if you have any questions.
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@Arionex Open a scam dispute in the active dispute section and we will investigate it including all the proof.
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@Arionex Open a scam dispute in the active dispute section and we will investigate it including all the proof.
i will add in the dispute link to it here for the victim in this thread.


Please do also assist to remove the comments after the investigation as it makes my thread look like a scam thread. If administrators needs to confirm i am the owner of the account, do let me know too, i am willing to cooperate. i still have the account as of 9-12-18 / GMT+8.
ip hash: 7ba300715f8b8676ce3848