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snowblossom1984=scammer, a really dumb one


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Lol another one that's dumb, enjoy /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Snowblossom1984 (12:15:31 PM): hey im intersted in your rog.
Snowblossom1984 (12:16:08 PM): i have lvl 60 tauren warrior with hand of ragnoros and dps gear but i need to see if your account is even valid.
Snowblossom1984 (12:16:37 PM): let me know when your back
Pirate Yuriy (12:25:00 PM): hey
Snowblossom1984 signed on at 12:25:00 PM.
Pirate Yuriy (12:25:06 PM): do u have any markee rep?
Pirate Yuriy (12:25:53 PM): you there/.
Pirate Yuriy (12:25:55 PM): ?
Snowblossom1984 (12:29:10 PM): sorry back
Snowblossom1984 (12:29:12 PM): was in restroom
Pirate Yuriy (12:29:25 PM): kk
Pirate Yuriy (12:29:32 PM): so you are ointerestede in my rogue?
Snowblossom1984 (12:29:44 PM): before i even bother i want to see if he exists.
Snowblossom1984 (12:29:46 PM): sn pw?
Pirate Yuriy (12:30:12 PM): can i log onto your warrior while you log onto my rogue?
Snowblossom1984 (12:30:18 PM): sure
Snowblossom1984 (12:30:29 PM): just dont talk to anyone in guild if they message u
Snowblossom1984 (12:31:59 PM): sn pw and server the rog is on?
Pirate Yuriy (12:32:34 PM): i would feel better if we just make characters oneach others servers and meet each other
Pirate Yuriy (12:33:10 PM): that ok?
Snowblossom1984 (12:33:41 PM): well i must know if the SN im provided has the rog itself.
Snowblossom1984 (12:33:44 PM): thats what important
Snowblossom1984 (12:33:55 PM): i have a very epic warrior..not inthe mood to risk it at any cost
Pirate Yuriy (12:34:14 PM): ok but first can we see each others characters?
Snowblossom1984 (12:34:40 PM): no but you will get my Sn and pw right after you give me yours. so you can see it for yourself.
Snowblossom1984 (12:34:46 PM): tryng to be as fair as possible here
Pirate Yuriy (12:34:59 PM): look...
Pirate Yuriy (12:35:20 PM): you have got to the worst scammer out there
Pirate Yuriy (12:35:48 PM): i mean who the [censored] asks for account name and pass right away?
Snowblossom1984 (12:36:02 PM): and any scammer would know a sn pw = is [censored] without sqa.
Snowblossom1984 (12:36:13 PM): dont point fingers at me, im tryng to be safe here. but forget it.
Pirate Yuriy (12:36:15 PM): and then declines to show the account ingame
Snowblossom1984 signed off at 12:36:18 PM.


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Snowblossom1984, Wowsersforyou, Outterphoenix = Same guy. Same scammer. He owes me like $140 total. I know where he lives. /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif