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Smells like a scammer!


Not Phone Verified
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Platinumplayer16: hey
SaViOrSePhiRoThL: Hello
Platinumplayer16: i see your tryingh to sell your warrior
SaViOrSePhiRoThL: yes i am
Platinumplayer16: whats the lowest u will go?
Platinumplayer16: i have paypal verified
SaViOrSePhiRoThL: how much are you willing to spend?
Platinumplayer16: i will give u 115$ right now?
SaViOrSePhiRoThL: hmm
Platinumplayer16: [censored] it 120$??
Platinumplayer16: tahts teh higest i can go
SaViOrSePhiRoThL: sure ill do it for 120
Platinumplayer16: sweet
Platinumplayer16: whats your email
Platinumplayer16: so i can send
Platinumplayer16: hey take a look at this [censored] it so funny
SaViOrSePhiRoThL: ?
Platinumplayer16: its some funny [censored] my friend made
Platinumplayer16 wants to directly connect.
SaViOrSePhiRoThL declines request; no connection was made. (Note: For best results, you and your buddy should use the latest version of AIM.).
Platinumplayer16: trust me its not anything bad
SaViOrSePhiRoThL: Sorry i dont have any interest
SaViOrSePhiRoThL: do you want to see screenshots of the warrior?
Platinumplayer16: would u be willing to trade?
SaViOrSePhiRoThL: no sorry im not willing to trade
Platinumplayer16: kk take a look at this character
SaViOrSePhiRoThL: no sorry im not willing to trade
Platinumplayer16: just look its nothing bads u can scan it its not a virus or anything

He really seems to want to send me a file, which happens to be an .exe