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Selling Sky Children of the light Account

Original Owner


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Multiple Accounts
Hii, i would like to sell my Sky account because i do not wish to engage in this game anymore.
I've been in sky since 2019, starting playing regularly from 2020 July.

❄️I will continue farming until this account is sold.
Current candle count: 413
Current heart count: 287
Current ascended candles: 253 (every week doing eden)
+A lot of spells from begging of sky to now

❄️Seasonal pass/cosmetics
Season of Sanctuary: completed no ultimate reward
Season of Prophecy: completed +ultimate reward
Season of Dreams: completed +ultimate reward
Season of Assembly: completed +ultimate reward
Season of The Little Prince: completed +ultimate reward
Season of Flight: ongoing mostly complete
+Almost all event/holiday cosmetics
+ALL travel spirit cosmetics from July until now with emote upgrades

❄️IAP Cosmetics
TGC cape
Days of Feast 2020 Antler Hair Accessories
Days of Fortune 2021 Orange hair accessory
Days of summer lights 2021 bunny hair accessory

❄️ Account is connected to Nitendo and Email
-we can ask support to switch email to ur wished destination, if they reject i will give u Nitendo login and promise to never login with email/ i don't really need this game and i can unlink from gmail account settings when you ready Nitendo account i can give away

❄️ Price is 400 (euro) paying via PayPal - upon paying you can recieve all necessary informations -we can meet in game if you would want to check out cosmetics -dm me on Discord Miraii#2251 (capital M) for screenshots/ other info
Report ip hash: e8715c927b1eca4cc17411