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*sigh scammed again* AIM= j79k2000


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Hello, Mikilo / AIM: Ueuin / msn: [email protected] here,
ok those of you who know me probably not very many i have done several trades through these boards i think around 8 or so i have never scammed anyone and i have been scammed myself a total of 3 times..... all 3 times the account was not my original and therefore the accounts were lost... i am now accountless for any mmo because of this lol but i am not mad in fact i am somewhat glad because it now forces me to move on in life but i still have an obligation to post scammers ahaha so here it goes

j79k2000: heya
j79k2000: sorry was playing splinter cell 3 online lol
Ueuin: ahah cool
Ueuin: so
Ueuin: what class is your char and stuff?
j79k2000: lvl 19 warrior FULLY loaded with like lvl 20 outfitter. he has the 7 plat. also have like lvl 15 mage and lvl 17 summoner and 10 crusader. all fully loaded and account is since day 1. its Collectors Edition. and has Journeyman boots and a few house rares PLUS red baby dragon
j79k2000: they sell for like 7 plat
j79k2000: = 14 plat for you
j79k2000: = your good till lvl 50
j79k2000: LOL
Ueuin: bah.....
Ueuin: lol
Ueuin: i want a level 45+ char i dont really care about the money
j79k2000: ididnt mention it??
Ueuin: no
Ueuin: lol
j79k2000: i said i have lvl 52 ( currecntly using) warlock
j79k2000: snif(
j79k2000: hes my baby but ill give him up
Ueuin: i thought you said you didnt have dof.....
j79k2000: thats MY account
j79k2000: the 2nd one is My brothers
j79k2000: hes in the army now
j79k2000: but fine..u can have the warlock =(
Ueuin: lol
Ueuin: hmmmm
j79k2000: eq2 is the best mmorpg for me..just the pvp on WOW is better
Ueuin: agreed
j79k2000: way better
Ueuin: well
Ueuin: u wanna trade then?
j79k2000: yea sure.
j79k2000: ill just use my bros account
Ueuin: ok
j79k2000: ill make guardian lol
Ueuin: ok
j79k2000: did u change your info on account such such?
j79k2000: im doing it now
j79k2000: like address etc
Ueuin: nope
Ueuin: lol
Ueuin: can i poke around your account a few mins before we trade plz?
j79k2000: sure thing. but may i do the same?
Ueuin: yeah the rogue has no play time on it =/
j79k2000: oh
Ueuin: the shaman does..
j79k2000: hm..=(
Ueuin: u still want the rogue?
j79k2000: race is the shaman?
Ueuin: Tauren
j79k2000: ok yes rog
j79k2000: lol
Ueuin: lmao
j79k2000: i hate them coes
Ueuin: ok
j79k2000: cows
j79k2000: eh ill pay for the 30 days.
j79k2000: its just 15 bucks
Ueuin: aye
Ueuin: well ill let you log into the account and look at the chars if u want you can check them by going to the server transfer thing
Ueuin: just to verify that they are the levels i said they are lol
j79k2000: sure thing, thats whast i want to do
j79k2000: dont care to play em yet
Ueuin: ill walk you through it if you want
Ueuin: so whats your info then ill give you mine
j79k2000: that i will do after i actualy sign on the wow.com. aslong as i see the white load page. ill have my sn and pw copy pasted on here.
Ueuin: oh alright
j79k2000: lemme copy paste it sec
Ueuin: well open her up :p
Ueuin: lol
Ueuin: lol just like i said i have everything to lose on this as i am not original owner and i dont even know the SQ so if i give you my [censored] first my account is pretty much gone
j79k2000: k im set
j79k2000: heh that i cannot do. need to keep my rep
Ueuin: what rep?
j79k2000: aim rep hehe
Ueuin: hmmm
j79k2000: k i got it copy pasted
Ueuin: ok
Ueuin: my account is sbetchel
Ueuin: and my pword is
Ueuin: canadamerica1234
Ueuin: oh not that
Ueuin: wrong password
Ueuin: its
Ueuin: america123
Ueuin: sorry
Ueuin: now dont screw me
Ueuin: and give me your info
j79k2000: got eq2.com up?
Ueuin: yeah
j79k2000: k
j79k2000: sorry was loaded page up
Ueuin: ok
j79k2000: igot account name
j79k2000: lemme do pw
Ueuin: ok
j79k2000: what was it?
Ueuin: the pword?
j79k2000: yeah
Ueuin: america1234
Ueuin: ok?
j79k2000: k sec
j79k2000: my pc is slow lol
j79k2000: says invalid
Ueuin: sheesh
Ueuin: ....
Ueuin: ....
Ueuin: i changed it right after you said ok
Ueuin: cuz i thought it was loading
j79k2000: give me like 5 sec bro
Ueuin: ok
j79k2000: loading is killer
Ueuin: ill count to 5
Ueuin: right now its
Ueuin: canadamerica1
j79k2000: wow
j79k2000: hard one lol
j79k2000: k
Ueuin: u in yet?
j79k2000: no dude i need to type the pw
j79k2000: make easdy one please
Ueuin: lol
j79k2000: easy*
Ueuin: ok fine
j79k2000: thanks
Ueuin: its
Ueuin: qwerty123
Ueuin: ok u in?
Ueuin: ???
j79k2000: yeah
j79k2000: whats frozen?
j79k2000: oh ok nm
Ueuin: omg dude you changed the pword on me
j79k2000: yeah for protection
Ueuin: what protection is ther
Ueuin: you didnt even give me your account ytet
j79k2000: ..so you dont change the pw after my login info
Ueuin: ok gimmie your info now
j79k2000: k ready?
Ueuin: come on man dont scam me please
j79k2000: i wont
Ueuin: what is it?
j79k2000: but do me a favor tho
Ueuin: whats that?
j79k2000: i want you to log off the website.
j79k2000: so nothing fishy will happen
Ueuin: fine...
Ueuin: ok browser is closed
Ueuin: now gimmie your info
j79k2000: k
j79k2000: SN
j79k2000: Sn: someone told me your a scammer. PW: and im going to tell himthe good news. that i got his account back
Ueuin: wtf is this
Previous message was not received by j79k2000 because of error: User j79k2000 is not available.

this guy saw my post in the general trade forum and offered me an EQ2 account i couldnt really pass up so [censored] him and [censored] all you lame ass scammers out there you can suck my big hairy balls you sons of bitches got no right to do this [censored] to honest people and i hope a dog bites your balls off before you hit puberty you little ********



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You should do your research before trading, everyone knew that guy was a scammer along time ago, I'm suprised he is still trying to scam after being busted so many times :p