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Sigh... ANother sad scammer.. Pathetic


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Saiitek (his aim name) messaged me interested in my shammy. He offered me MANY great accounts so i got suspicious but thought nothing of it at the same time (o_O don't ask). So, Later i get an offer from PBfreak and i say, sorry i've had a better offer by "Saiitek". He's like "Rofl read the forums" well long story short i find out he scammed some1 named KingCanuck.

Lemme bring you up to speed. He offered me this great rogue on mannoroth RIGHT after i found a link to something interesting.

saiitek (11:45:47 PM): Make a guy on Mannorth
saiitek (11:45:52 PM): hey, dude
deathtonoobs3 (11:45:56 PM): It's kinda suspicious
deathtonoobs3 (11:45:56 PM): http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads...=true#Post89664
deathtonoobs3 (11:46:00 PM): the EXACT same rogue
saiitek (11:46:03 PM): I won't trade w/e
deathtonoobs3 (11:46:07 PM): kk bye
saiitek (11:46:11 PM): wait
saiitek (11:46:13 PM): I have to talk to you
deathtonoobs3 (11:46:21 PM): ?
saiitek (11:46:24 PM): Oh, and I got it from him
saiitek (11:46:25 PM): ^^
deathtonoobs3 (11:46:32 PM): Even tho in his post said u scammed him
saiitek (11:46:33 PM): Over MSN
saiitek (11:46:43 PM): I didn't, we had a mishapp
saiitek (11:46:48 PM): I put the wrong in my pass
saiitek (11:46:52 PM): number*
saiitek (11:46:57 PM): and we sorted it out
deathtonoobs3 (11:47:03 PM): whats his aim?
saiitek (11:47:09 PM): Doesn't have AIM
saiitek (11:47:12 PM): MSn
saiitek (11:47:47 PM): But, when I get my mage on monday, would you trade for him? I'd use a middle-man and everything
deathtonoobs3 (11:48:01 PM): hate mages
saiitek (11:48:01 PM): Full tier one, and alot more
saiitek (11:48:04 PM): Ah, ok
deathtonoobs3 (12:27:07 AM): Hey
deathtonoobs3 (12:27:15 AM): I'll trade for your rogue
saiitek (12:27:41 AM): ok.. really?
deathtonoobs3 (12:27:51 AM): yah
saiitek (12:28:17 AM): ok, one second
saiitek (12:28:27 AM): Let me tell all the other people I am trading to someone else
saiitek (12:29:35 AM): ok
saiitek (12:29:35 AM): back
saiitek (12:29:45 AM): I gotta go soon also
deathtonoobs3 (12:29:55 AM): then we can wait 'till tommorow
saiitek (12:30:09 AM): No, I have just enough time to trade
saiitek (12:30:13 AM): It's fien
saiitek (12:30:17 AM): fine*
deathtonoobs3 (12:33:16 AM): well?
saiitek (12:33:21 AM): Yes?
saiitek (12:33:27 AM): Want to proceed?
deathtonoobs3 (12:33:30 AM): sure
saiitek (12:33:38 AM): Ok, how shall we do it?
deathtonoobs3 (12:34:16 AM): hrm
deathtonoobs3 (12:35:36 AM): Accn names first?
saiitek (12:35:36 AM): ..?
saiitek (12:35:45 AM): Ok
deathtonoobs3 (12:35:54 AM): Wopps is mine
saiitek (12:36:06 AM): Sec, let me get my info ready
deathtonoobs3 (12:36:38 AM): brb bathroom
saiitek (12:36:47 AM): ok
deathtonoobs3 (12:37:26 AM): bak
deathtonoobs3 (12:37:40 AM): ok ur accn name?
saiitek (12:37:48 AM): Name: Kylden04
saiitek (12:37:49 AM): yours?
deathtonoobs3 (12:37:54 AM): Wopps like i said
saiitek (12:38:03 AM): Oh, lol
saiitek (12:38:14 AM): I thought it was woops with a misspelling
saiitek (12:38:48 AM): how do we do passes?
deathtonoobs3 (12:38:51 AM): hold on
saiitek (12:38:55 AM): Sure
deathtonoobs3 (12:40:20 AM): Nice try man..
saiitek (12:40:37 AM): What?
deathtonoobs3 (12:40:41 AM): Accnn name is Xankriz... YOU LOOZ! (I found this out after talking to KingCanuck on AIM (like Saiitek said he didnt have)
saiitek (12:40:47 AM): Haha, ok
deathtonoobs3 (12:40:48 AM): Im talking to KingCanuck THE GUY YOU SCAMMED

saiitek (12:40:49 AM): Got me thier
saiitek (12:40:53 AM): It is Xankriz
saiitek (12:40:55 AM): You are right
deathtonoobs3 (12:40:58 AM): This is going all over markee
saiitek (12:41:00 AM): Pass is well, scamme
saiitek (12:41:01 AM): ok
saiitek (12:41:02 AM): go ahead
saiitek (12:41:05 AM): ill make a new SN
saiitek (12:41:07 AM): liek always
deathtonoobs3 (12:41:10 AM): Noobian will find you
saiitek (12:41:15 AM): No, he will not
saiitek (12:41:18 AM): he hasnt yet
saiitek (12:41:23 AM): not since I hae scammed him..
deathtonoobs3 (12:41:25 AM): He will when i show him this
saiitek (12:41:32 AM): Oh, he knows who I am already
saiitek (12:41:37 AM): but he won't know my next sn
saiitek (12:41:42 AM): or anything of that sort
saiitek (12:41:50 AM): Well, later, you are quite smart
saiitek (12:41:56 AM): A change in the people of markee
saiitek (12:42:09 AM): I will vote for you in the elections ; )
saiitek (12:43:02 AM): Also, goodjob
saiitek (12:43:09 AM): You actualy did something good against me
saiitek (12:43:15 AM): Unlike the other million souls
saiitek (12:43:27 AM): I will not block you, I will not yell or curse at you
saiitek (12:43:31 AM): You are actually smart
saiitek (12:43:44 AM): Hm
saiitek (12:43:50 AM): I am N0s855 BTW
saiitek (12:44:06 AM): Anyways, take screenies
saiitek (12:44:09 AM): or I can do it for you
saiitek (12:44:16 AM): And post a thread about me
saiitek (12:44:21 AM): and this conversaion
deathtonoobs3 (12:44:25 AM): already in progress
deathtonoobs3 (12:44:29 AM): talking to noobian14 ATM
saiitek (12:44:30 AM): Ok, save me some time
saiitek (12:44:32 AM): Ok
saiitek (12:44:36 AM): Let me talk to him as well

Well.. He is Insomniax on here. N0s855 and Saiitek.. So beware and don't fall for this dumb scam.


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<font color="black"> Mine went something like this:

saiitek (1:45:51 AM): Hey Noobian
saiitek returned at 1:45:52 AM.
saiitek (1:45:58 AM): I'm back...
saiitek (1:46:00 AM): Well
noobian14 (1:46:03 AM): what in gods green earth do you want
saiitek (1:46:04 AM): It had to happen
noobian14 (1:46:13 AM): ya nice try giving me a negative
saiitek (1:46:19 AM): You should run again, you kep the place safer
saiitek (1:46:27 AM): Ah, I know, wasn't that stuiped?
saiitek (1:46:35 AM): I don't need a Markee account though
noobian14 (1:46:37 AM): giving grief feedback to the feedback moderator, GG at that
saiitek (1:46:42 AM): Yeah, amazing
saiitek (1:46:48 AM): Well
saiitek (1:46:56 AM): I will always be on Markee
saiitek (1:47:10 AM): A few new scammers you'd never expect too
saiitek (1:47:17 AM): c0hpl
noobian14 (1:47:18 AM): and you think your special or something? theres always going to be scammers
saiitek (1:47:19 AM): is one
saiitek (1:47:28 AM): No, I'm not special
saiitek (1:47:35 AM): The rest of the scammers well, stink at it
saiitek (1:47:58 AM): They do not now how to build up trust with the person, fake trust
saiitek (1:48:05 AM): Watch out for fatcat too
saiitek (1:48:15 AM): He turned into one after the incident with you and him
saiitek (1:48:21 AM): their are a few others, not many
noobian14 (1:48:28 AM): that wouldnt surpise me one bit
noobian14 (1:48:35 AM): he was a whiny ***** from the beginning
saiitek (1:48:39 AM): Yeah, he was
saiitek (1:48:45 AM): After scamming him and you along time ago
saiitek (1:49:03 AM): Will you be running for moderator again?
noobian14 (1:49:09 AM): he'd rather try to hurt my rep then get his 300$
noobian14 (1:49:13 AM): i dont need to
saiitek (1:49:22 AM): You are a permenant mod?
noobian14 (1:49:24 AM): yeah
saiitek (1:49:26 AM): Awesome
saiitek (1:49:29 AM): You were the best one
noobian14 (1:49:37 AM): i was the ONLY one
saiitek (1:49:40 AM): The one which was inactive, well, was the scammer
saiitek (1:50:06 AM): Quite obvious and bad at it
noobian14 (1:50:06 AM): all of them were inactve, the only reason eternal stayed as mod til the end because he did just enough work to stay onboard
saiitek (1:50:17 AM): The Anja one
saiitek (1:50:24 AM): Or w/e her/he name was
saiitek (1:50:25 AM): I forgot
noobian14 (1:50:34 AM): ya i know, i was the one that posted about it being a scammer
saiitek (1:50:45 AM): Yeah, it was obvious
saiitek (1:50:49 AM): Well, I gotta go soon
saiitek (1:50:54 AM): I won't block you
saiitek (1:51:01 AM): I'm not like that, I talk to the people I scam
noobian14 (1:51:08 AM): nice 2 know
saiitek (1:51:12 AM): Yeah
saiitek (1:51:22 AM): I'll be on a new SN by tommorow
noobian14 (1:51:35 AM): ook..
saiitek (1:52:08 AM): Can you IP ban?
noobian14 (1:52:15 AM): do you just have this compulsive thing where u have to tell everyone the same thing or are you really just looking for attention
saiitek (1:52:37 AM): Totally looking for attention
saiitek (1:52:42 AM): totally!
noobian14 (1:52:45 AM): werd
saiitek (1:52:51 AM): anyways, can you Ip ban from the site?
saiitek (1:52:55 AM): Just curious
noobian14 (1:53:13 AM): im a trader feedback moderator, banning people from the site isnt my business
saiitek (1:53:27 AM): Ah, so you can't?
saiitek (1:53:30 AM): that's good to know
saiitek (1:53:44 AM): If I'm banned, can I still view the site?
noobian14 (1:53:52 AM): wouldnt know
saiitek (1:53:52 AM): That's all I really need
saiitek (1:53:55 AM): Ok
saiitek (1:53:57 AM): Well, thanks
saiitek (1:54:06 AM): have anything to trade?
saiitek (1:54:30 AM): And have you ever thought about scamming..? Ever...? I mean with your status you can..
saiitek (1:54:40 AM): Just a thought
noobian14 (1:55:07 AM): i'd gain nothing from scamming somone else
noobian14 (1:55:16 AM): i dont take joy out of griefing other people
saiitek (1:55:46 AM): I don't grief.. I don't "steal" I acceptingly take what they offer with not return
saiitek (1:56:15 AM): I don't go, " ZOMG I PWNED YOU WTF HAX NOOB ****** LOLZ ****!!!"
noobian14 (1:56:15 AM): yeah because the people think of it that way and are oh so happy
saiitek (1:56:19 AM): Yeah
saiitek (1:56:30 AM): Paperbrowser is still a scammer
saiitek (1:56:36 AM): = )
saiitek (1:56:38 AM): and Badxo
noobian14 (1:56:39 AM): of coarse he is
saiitek (1:56:44 AM): Just a few more names
saiitek (1:56:56 AM): Don't forget XCeMerson or how ever you sepll it
noobian14 (1:57:00 AM): ya, write that in a memo and label it [censored] i already know
saiitek (1:57:01 AM): I gotta go, later

You'll never be able to stop scammers, but the more you educate the people the less it will happen hopefully.</font>


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This guy is so pathetic. He got me yesterday as well before i knew who he was. Its amazing to me that people are this sad. He must have a horrible life lol.


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*frowns* No saiitek Noobian can't ban but I can . I can also IP ban and if I do its a lifetime ban. Got me ?
You wanted attention you got mine now ....


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*frowns* No saiitek Noobian can't ban but I can . I can also IP ban and if I do its a lifetime ban. Got me ?
You wanted attention you got mine now ....

[/ QUOTE ]

proxy =(


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proxy =(

[/ QUOTE ]

Lets hope he does not have the mental capacitiy to set up a proxy /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif from the logs I doubt it.


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<font color="black"> Highly doubtful, otherwise he would be smart enough to change it and have a new username by now. Instead he just keeps making new names and we just keep catching him.</font>