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Shaman 58 - Hunter 53 . Orc's


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Orc Shaman lvl 58 - Server : Scarshield Legion


Head - Helm Of exiles
Neck - Senior Seargents insignia
Shoulders - Protector Pads
Back - Deep Woodlands Cload - Seagents Cloak
Chest - Captains Breastplate of eagle
Wrist - Bindings Of elements
Hands - Abbyssal Mail handguards of striking
waist - ebonhold Girdle
legs - turtle Scale Leggings
Feet - Bloodshot Greaves

Twig of the World Tree
Charstone Dirk

Gizlock's Hypertech Bukler

2 alts as banks whit many blue items pealrs orbs for over 200g

On him he got 204G

Server : Shatered Hand

Orc Hunter 53 Rested To lvl 55

He got good equipment and around 30-40G som alts whit blue items worth around 50G

Price offers can always trade the accoun for a Undead Rogue or a Undead Priest.

And i can take paypal.

Interested mail me to [email protected]


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Hello, i´m interested to buy/sell some accounts preferably for anything on EU servers. I have some accounts that can be sell and i´m interested to buy lvl 70 full epic chars. Just ask me priv msg or via msn [email protected].