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Sgg049 noob scammer...


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got this aim from this noob scammer thinks hes so smart claiming to be ravenmage heh unlucky for him i know the real ravenmage's aim so he screwed up there.
Anyways heres the convo

Sgg049 (10:41:38 PM): hey
Sgg049 (10:41:45 PM): im intrested in your warrior?
Sgg049 (10:41:56 PM): you thier?
ThaKing55R (10:42:07 PM): hey
ThaKing55R (10:42:20 PM): what you offer?
Sgg049 (10:42:44 PM): A epic druid
Sgg049 (10:42:48 PM): 6/8 cenarion
Sgg049 (10:42:53 PM): dragonlsayers signet
Sgg049 (10:42:56 PM): hide of the wild
Sgg049 (10:43:00 PM): choker of enlightment
Sgg049 (10:43:03 PM): epic mount
Sgg049 (10:43:06 PM): aurastone hammer
ThaKing55R (10:43:20 PM): what server?
Sgg049 (10:43:30 PM): Uldum, AQ is open
ThaKing55R (10:43:41 PM): what race?
Sgg049 (10:43:46 PM): NE
ThaKing55R (10:44:23 PM): mc gulid?
Sgg049 (10:44:32 PM): Yes, currently, AQ and BWL guild as well
Sgg049 (10:44:36 PM): Ony, ZG etc.
ThaKing55R (10:44:43 PM): ah ic
Sgg049 (10:44:52 PM): I really, really need a warrior
Sgg049 (10:44:53 PM): lol
ThaKing55R (10:45:01 PM): you're the original owner?
Sgg049 (10:45:05 PM): Yes
Sgg049 (10:45:07 PM): You?
ThaKing55R (10:45:11 PM): same
Sgg049 (10:45:13 PM): ok
ThaKing55R (10:45:21 PM): so noone but you can recall the account ?
Sgg049 (10:45:41 PM): Yes, want to exchanget the SQA as well?
ThaKing55R (10:46:03 PM): yah im not interested in traded accounts
ThaKing55R (10:46:10 PM): since that'd mean multiple ppl can recall
Sgg049 (10:46:20 PM): noone but me can
ThaKing55R (10:46:29 PM): you a markeeforums poster?
Sgg049 (10:46:39 PM): Yes, Ravenmage, 6 positive rep
Sgg049 (10:46:43 PM): No negative
Sgg049 (10:46:51 PM): want me to give you the page?
ThaKing55R (10:47:24 PM): sure
Sgg049 (10:47:28 PM): ok
Sgg049 (10:48:20 PM): http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showratings.php/User/8871
ThaKing55R (10:53:01 PM): so tell me more about the account
Sgg049 (10:53:31 PM): Like?
ThaKing55R (10:53:40 PM): male female name of character guild?
Sgg049 (10:53:51 PM): Ok, name = Happykins
Sgg049 (10:54:00 PM): Guild= E l e m e n t s
Sgg049 (10:54:09 PM): and male
ThaKing55R (10:54:10 PM): can you show in game?
Sgg049 (10:54:19 PM): H/O
Sgg049 (10:54:22 PM): getting another offer
ThaKing55R (10:54:37 PM): or is it cause your a scammer and i got a hold of the real ravenmage? lol
Sgg049 (10:54:44 PM): That's fine
ThaKing55R (10:54:57 PM): whats fine that you're a scammer and a noob at it?
Sgg049 (10:55:04 PM): ahh, no im not
Sgg049 (10:55:09 PM): I am aka many people
Sgg049 (10:55:13 PM): N0s855
Sgg049 (10:55:21 PM): Etc. use to be a very, very good scammer actually
Sgg049 (10:55:24 PM): ask around
Sgg049 (10:55:51 PM): Also, take a SS of this pleae
Sgg049 (10:55:54 PM): please*
ThaKing55R (10:55:56 PM): lmao "good scammer" u spend endless hours online trying to take someones elses work
Sgg049 (10:56:02 PM): I have no rep to ruin
ThaKing55R (10:56:07 PM): i know cause your a loser
Sgg049 (10:56:08 PM): Not endless, about one hour a night
Sgg049 (10:56:25 PM): I have other things to do, home work, basketball, tutor


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yupz sgg049 tried jacking my account also = / .. don't trust him