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Selling Server 10 K30 176M Main + 2 alts


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Multiple Accounts
Main Account is VIP 17 (close to $9000 spent on packages)
Power= 176m
Monarch Level = 30
Keep Level = 30
Troops = 2.3 Million
Type = All T12
Gems - 150,000
Gold - 200M
Advance Ports - 500
Stamina - 35,000
65 days worth of truce
Multiple dragon scrolls and Materials to craft 3-4 more pieces of dragon gear
Comes with sub cities all blue - 4 Japanese, 2 Arab, and 1 Russian and 1 purple American that is currently on alt account (just recently lost archduke title but easy to get back)
Top 10 General, Top 20 monarch ranking, Top 10 kill ranking, 85% research completed (military branch 98% and light of server war is lvl 23)
Dragon Spiritual Beast unlocked and Max level
75% Wonder Achievement Requirements completed

Screenshots available on Photbucket: http://s1383.photobucket.com/

26/37 Heroes -
All Historic with 12 @ Level 30
2 Jumong
Richard the lionheart
Robert Lee
Joan Of Arc
Alexander Nevsky
William Wallace
8 are equipped with King gear (refined and 5 stars) and 2 are full dragon gear (refined and 5 stars) and defense general has half a set of Dragon Gear and Kings Gear (you can decide what pieces to craft to finish him off)

Other Generals Includes: (equipped with mostly warrior gear)
5 Queen Jins for maximum farming capabilities
2 Baibars
Empress Wu
Amir Timur (130M Resources per hit)
Empress Dowagar Cixi

Sale includes a K27 80M alt
Monarch Level 27
Gems = 100,000
Gold = 200m
1.8m Troops (mostly T10 and 200K T11)
Built mainly to farm resources for main account and join/set rallies
Has farming research maxed for lvl27 and has 3 Queen Jins and 2 Lucy's
Resource fields are maxed at lvl 27
Good attack and defense generals (Saladin, Oda, Washington) a couple Baibars for those double drops.
This alt can craft dragon gear (2 pieces crafted so far but has lots of dragon scrolls and materials to make more)
Has sub cities good for alts (korean and china)

Sale also will include (if desired) a lvl 25 alt that is mostly used for resource storage for main to hit.
It is 18M power and built up to lvl 25 buildings.
2 queen Jins and 2 attila make up the farming generals but has saladin and 3 cleopatras and 1 Baibars.