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Selling SEO services, on-and off-page SEO! High-Quality Backlinks from real PBN blogs!


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Unlike most people that are selling SEO services, I'M NOT A RESELLER. I own all domains and the entire infrastructure for my SEO services!

1. On-Page/On-Site SEO
2. Off-Page/Off-Site SEO
3. SEO Research


1. On-Page/On-Site SEO

On-site SEO is SEO done on your website itself. This includes doing all the necessary things to make search engines understand your main keywords on each page. On-site SEO is usually only done on important pages, where you sell your products or have some unique informational purpose that pulls in traffic. SEO is usually not done on Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Contact Us, etc.. pages to save on costs. This usually includes creating the correct meta information and adding in your keywords to your content in a way that maximizes search engine visibility.

Another facet of On-site SEO is to create an architecture of pages that lets search engines know which pages are important on your website or in other words Siloing your website.

The third pillar is creating a strong blog section for your website. Not only does it pull in traffic and sales from search engines, it also enables you to create an especially powerful Silo structure.

More: https://webdevote.com/onsiteseo

Single Page SEO
Website Siloing


2. Off-Page/Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO is all the SEO that you do outside of your website. This includes link building, social media adverts, paid adverts, guest blogging, etc... In order for your website to rank well, search engines need to see that your website is linked/mentioned from other authoritative websites in your own niche. The best way to do it is to build quality backlinks that link to your website.

Email lists: Buying email lists from a shady forum or website is illegal! That being said, adding your offer to a mass email campaign that originates from a domain where the user/customer signed up is a good way of getting some additional traffic to your business. This is completely legal of course. While this method does not contribute any SEO and it will be hard for you to find another website to promote your business in this way, this is an inexpensive and low-effort way to gain traffic and customers.

Private Blog Network (PBN): A PBN is basically a network of highly authoritative websites that look like separate real blogs from the perspective of the search engines, but are owned by a single person or organization. A PBN is a much cheaper and easier way of getting quality backlinks than getting guest posts on a "real" blog. Also, with a PBN you will be able to control every aspect of the backlinks. The duration, anchor text, the blog post and the website itself. There is also no risk of the website going down. If the PBN is made well, there is no good way for the search engines to tell that it's a PBN. PBN backlinks are the strongest form of off-site SEO available, not to mention, it can also generate traffic for you.

A PBN comes in two forms: Truly private or open. A truly private PBN is when only your own backlinks can be found on the blog. An open PBN is when links are sold without any restriction. Obviously, a truly private PBN is safer, however, it is not feasible to build it simply for a single website. Highly authoritative domains cost a lot and you also have to put in the effort to create the blog, pay for the domain and hosting. Also, you have to have the know-how not to get caught.

I provide a semi-private PBN. While I allow links to be placed from third parties, I don't accept all customers without restriction. I have to make sure that your project is not a "throwaway" website, your business is in the correct niche and we only place 1 link/month on each of our PBN websites. All links remain on the PBN forever.

When you buy links from us 5 PBN links get you around 100-200 RD (Referring Domains) and TF5-20 websites with one of the 5 being TF20+. RD and TF are the strongest indicators of the authoritativeness of the domain. RD defines how strong it is, while TF defines how trustworthy it is.

More: https://webdevote.com/offsiteseo

PBN Backlinks
Email Marketing

I only accept websites in the following niches for my PBN services:

1. Gaming, Gaming (any game) account buy/sell/trading, Gaming (any game) Currency buy/sell/trading, Gaming (any game) RMT (real money trading), Gaming (any game)/Clan/Guild blogs/forums/websites, Etc... Any variation/combination and can be a long-tail keyword as well.
2. Hosting, Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Server Hosting, Image Hosting, File Hosting, VPN Hosting, Domain Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Web Servers, Website Hosting, (Any) Technology, Etc... Any variation/combination and can be a long-tail keyword as well.

3. SEO Research

Before you even start to do any SEO you have to do research and make a decision regarding the keywords you will go for. Choosing the correct keywords is essential in maximizing traffic, ranking, and exposure. Once you decide on your keywords, it's very hard to make changes later on as you already made the investment. The first thing you want to do is keyword research. Once you identified your niche and the most commonly used terminology to describe your services, you need to compare the keywords in all combinations to see which ones produce the most traffic.

You have to separate 2,3 and 4-word keywords as it is easier to rank for longer tail keywords. If for example, a 3-word keyword produces similar traffic then the best 2-word keyword, then you want to rank for that 3-word keyword. The only way to be sure is to do rigorous SEO and keyword research.

Finding a domain is one of the most important tasks that presents itself when you start/move your business on/to the internet. Not only you cannot change it at your whim, by changing it you lose all the SEO and brandability that comes with it. It is very important that you choose the correct domain at the beginning and stick with it!

I can find you a domain that ticks all the necessary checkboxes to make an excellent domain for your website/business. Of course, there is no guarantee that I will find one, but our success rate is fairly high!

More: https://webdevote.com/seoresearch

Keyword Research
Domain Hunting

More information: WebDevote.com

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