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Selling Tons of Items *ARTIES*


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1. Stitchers Mittens 4.5m
2. Axe of the Heavens 2m
3. Spirit of the Totem 25m
3. Staff of The Magi 4m
4. Helm of Insight 5.5m
5. Swords Of Prosperity 1.5m
6. Horselord 1.2m
7. Heart of the Lion 150k
8. Leggings of Embers 800k
9. Ancient Sam Helm 800k
10 Essence Of Battle 1.8m
11. Silvani's Feywood Bow 1.5m
12. Pendent of the magi 1.8m
13. Darkened Sky 1m
14. Winds Edge 800k
15. Dryad Green Pigments 50 charges 1.5m
16. Frostbringer 800k
17. Soulstone Tokens 3.5m
18. 8th age gifts 1m
19. Advanced Char tokens 2m
20. Ethe Beetle 1m
21. Ethe Swampie 1m
22. X-Fer Token 1m
23. Jet Back Vet Set 2.5m
24. Ice White Set 2.5m
25. Evil Furny tokens 1m