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Selling the following Ilsh and ML arties...


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Currently I have the following arties:

Pads of Cu Sidhe (2) 125k each
Gloves of the Pugalist 125k
Alchemist Bauble 80k
Violet Courage (Purple) 175k
Bonesmasher (2) 20k each
Talon Bite 75k
Aegis of Grace 50k
Helm of Swiftness 50k
Blade Dance 25k
Enchanted Titan Leg Bone (2) 30k each
Nights Kiss 80k
Nox Rangers Heavy Crossbow 30k
Luna Lance 40k
Windsong 25k
Flesh Ripper 45k
Pet Parrot 150k

I am willing to trade a combination of the listed items for a 10 excep verite ringmail tunic BOD. The combination of items can be valued at 150k (give or take a few k) for the exchange. ICQ if you are interested.