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Selling Stuff, and looking for pricing info.


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Wow, I cant believe I remeber my pass/user name. Anyway, on to more important things. Im Omega/GrapeApe/AesoniusSirius..an older well known noob. As you might have noticed, I kinda quit UO like 8 months ago. Anyway, time to make extra gold/cash. I dunno what anything is worth now.....the below are things i have.
2 Legs of Bane
1 Necro Bracers
1 Sigil Dyed Dark grey Vet Reward Robe
1 PP taskmaster
1 helm of insight(some random tokuno color..blue or somethin)
1 shadow dancer legs
1 sigil dyed Arcane Shield
tons of armour, 1/3's tokuno majors and minors...i got things like 1/3's with 10+ SDI, weapons that ive not seen better of..just alot of junk. I also have an 18x18 in Fel Cove, nearly directly north of the town, on the "llama" head..used to be the church of an old rp town.
Anyway, i also have various ehties, reward tubs, reawrd everythings...like probably 50+ vet rewards. Sets of Robes/cloaks, some PP some not.
And I also have 3 accounts. 1 semi basic(like 36 months last i looked), and 2 that are pretty nice(both of these over 90 probably nearling 8th year rewards).
If you want any details, or to make offers let me know.
I also got some random 30 mil...cash is good..etc..