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Selling Some Stuff Quitting UO Read


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Full Vet Reward Statue Set All Years
Full Potted Plant Sets
Black Chessmen
White Wyrm Heart
Dragon's Blood
Phoenix Armor Gloves
Lenshire Clan Tabard
Ice White Lamp Post
Ice Blue Lamp Post
Green Lamp Post (2 different colours)
Shadow Lamp Post
Skinned Deer
Gruesome Standard
Armor of Fortune
Zyronic Claw
Blade of Righteousness
Valentine Muffins & Cards
Full Tokuno Dye Set
Swords of Prosperity
Lucky Necklace
Sea Serpent Crystal
Tarot Cards
Wood Curls
Blood Tiles
Crude Corroded Manacles
Ruined Painting
Full Plate Coal Armor Set
Hanging Skeleton
Dark Grey Vet Robe & Cloak
Thin Scattered Hay
Open Book
Neon Hair & Beard Dye
Gold Metal Boxes
Purple Hokuto Wine
Ice White Muffin

Just icq me what you are looking for. I have lots more of other stuff to sell. ICQ 70457079 or 43884115.