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Selling parts or full unused 8th age upgrade code! (To SP or Chesa)


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Hey all, i bought a extra 8th age, that I might not need. I am not looking for paypal or anything, but rather to people in game. trading for gold or something good maybe.

This applies to Siege Perilous or Chesapeake. If you want a blue soulstone, advanced char template, transfer, 6th slot, whatever, this even upgrades you to SE.

If your interested and are on one of the shards. Make me a offer. You can ICQ me. 25198060

Also if you wanna learn a trick for SP or Advance token conversion.

So anyways, if anyone doesnt like paying RL money or so, and just wish to trade for mils of gold, items whatever for this, tell me your offer, be fair, otherwise I wont, I can only redeem this in ONE place, SP or Chesa, so best offer will show where I do this at. =D

if you knew me from TS while back, you will know I am legit. used to help people upgrade to AOS.. this time I have one personal code to give away.

Reasons to anyone: I am trying to increase my Guild funds to help support the training of new UO players or my guild and events for that goal to make it fun for them. (And upgrade my main mage maybe abit same time) Ill be taking offers and seeing who offers best. Thanks. =D