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Selling SELLING optc Account LVL. 243, 17 Sugos

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Account is for selling, inbox me the price you are willing to pay!

Pirate LVL: 243
Character Box slots: 685
Gems: 1
FP: 19025

SUGO Characters NO.
The Dark King Silvers Rayleigh 1619
Dogstorm: King of the Day 1571
Roronoa Zoro / Straw Hat Pirates: Born Again 1362
Sir Crocodile: Logia 720
Blackbeard 1268
Marco the Phoenix 649
Boa Hancock 416
Heavenly Demon Doflamingo 870
White Knight Cavendish 1123
Trafalgar Law / Warlord of the Sea 1045
Boa Hancock / Straw Hat Luffy´s Conspirator 1747
Borsalino 1240
Cat Viper: King of the Night 1652
Sanji / Prince, Kingdom of Germa 1588
Hawk Eyes Mihawk / World Strongest Swordsman 718
Knight of the Sea Jinbe 935
Issho 1085

17 Sugos
70 Characters at LVL MAX!!!!
60+ Forbidden Tomes
60+ Cotton Candy
Lots of Manuals
ip hash: 5811e702803703eb7a17a1