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Selling Selling: Lvl 40 - team instinct - stardust 539483

Level 40


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Star Date 7/7/2016
Total XP 20.616.924
With 447/650 Pokes / EGGS 9/9 / Party 0/5
Stardust 539483

lugia, zaptos, Moltres , Articuno, Blissey, Dragonite
Tyranitar, snorlax , Espeon , Vaporeon , Rhydon , Gyarados
Exegguto, Arcanine ,ampharos, Lapras , Pyncyr , Golem
and Unown
If you want more detail of the account
You can contact me at any time , just now the Price of the account is 97.50
The payment can be through PayPal or WU
[email protected]
KIK: Ax2hearn
Discord: Alan AHearn#1889

Lvl 40 team INSTINCT

Items 1085/1200
Bag: Potion x13 Super Potion x44 Hyper Potion x70
Max Potion x189 Revive x172 Max Revive x105
Lucky Egg x29 Incense x2 Fast TM x1
Charged TM x1 Rare Candy x20 Raid Pass
Premium Raid Pass x13
Poke Ball x50 Great Ball x55 Ultra Ball x146
Lure Module x17
Razz Berry x48 Nanab Berry x29

ip hash: 046021374a90a95995027b