Selling Holy Powder at 0.11 USD / HP


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Hi, :)

I'm selling HP at 0.11 USD each (accept payment via paypal (only for paypal verified)) Please send me a message with the amount of hp you would like to purchase. I will usually reply within 24 hours.

I'm a legit seller and will never scam on you. If you have questions about the transaction process, feel free to ask. :)
We can also break up the trade to smaller amounts if you like.

You can choose one of the following options for the transaction (minimum purchase is 50 HP)

Bazaar trade

Depending on the amount you would like to puchase you prepare a card (High Rare Card if purchasing 50-200HP, SR if higher). Enhance it to certain level so it is unique.

Then please send the payment as a *family and friends transaction* to my paypal email and give me 2 mins to confirm it. (Only put the card on the bazaar after payment because the longer the card is on the bazaar, the more time other players have to copy our trade).

Put the card on the bazaar and ask for the specific amount of hp, then tell me its name, power, atk status, maturity %. As soon as I have found it. I will ask you to add a comment to your bazaar card to make sure that it's the correct trade. Afterwards I will accept the trade and you'll get your hp.

Fellow trade (wait 2 weeks)
Please note: A fellow request is only available for returning customers.

After I have received your payment on my paypal account and I will send you a trade request with hp to your account.