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SOLD Selling HL 191 Account Cheap

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Multiple Accounts
I would like to sell my HL account rank 191 for a very cheap price, I odn't have the time to play on many accounts so I sell this alt.
Fire and dark ULB Opus
Zodiacs : ANila, Andira, Kumbhira, Vajra
Evoker : Alanaan
Eternals : Esser FLB, Song FLB, Okto FLB, Siete, Six and Nio recruited
Grands : Shiva, Ferry, Eugen, Pholia, Alexiel, Io, Zoey, Black Knight, Rackam, Sturm, Olivia,
A lot of good limiteds such as S grea
Summons : Agni FLb, Hades *0, Zephyrus*0, Titan *1, Bahamut FLB, Lucifer FLB, SHiva FLB, Gabriel *2, Raphael*0, Sun FLB
1 Dama Bar ready, lots available in the shop
Price is 200 $, you go first and if you have no rep we use MM
Only accept paypal, contact me on discord lokojo#3487
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