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Selling Selling Contract Wars Lvl 62 Account


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About my account:

K/D 3.27
Rep: 4k
Contracts completed: 46 Bronze 41 Silver 26 Gold
I own every CR gun and many of them are unbreakable + w-tasked..Few examples:
Izh-43 Unbreakable and W-tasked
Sv-98 Unbreakable and W-tasked
M40a6 Unbreakable and W-tasked
m4a1 Unbreakable and W-tasked
RFB Unbreakable and W-tasked
AK-105 Unbreakable and W-tasked
9a-91 Unbreakable and W-tasked
FN Scar-h Unbreakable and W-tasked

GP Guns owned by weapon sets:
01: All & w-tasked are Deagle & AKMS
02: Everything else but Golden AK & Tangfolio Thor/ W-Tasked are SR3M (Glock 6% Colt IAR 18%)
03: All
04: All & DT SRS w-task + G36C 15%
05: Everything else but MDR and HK UMP45/ w-task progress AEK 30%/ AK-12 16%/ ACR-C 46%
06: Everything else but MPX SMG/ w-task progress Noveske 100%

For this account i'm looking for Counter Strike: Global Offensive/ Knife skin or Money via Paypal.
http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198129638581 You can contact me via Steam or by email [email protected]