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Selling alot of items. Read for the list. Trades welcomed !


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Fc 1, Fcr 2, Sp. Channelling vesper Chaos Shield
150 Luck Jester's Hat
85 TR Gypsy's HeadDress
80 Luck Sp Channeling Order Shield/.
Any other Vesper rewards or Librabry Reward xcept glasses

Cold Forged Blade
Yew Fletching Runic Tools 3 mil
Ash Fletching Runic Tools 500k
Oak Fletching Runic tools 100k

1436 Luck 100% LRC fully med suit. Including AoF and other luck arts

Selling following recepies:

Silvani's Feywood bow
Faerie Fire
Night Reaper
Mischief Maker
Blight Gripped Lbow

Cheap. Or will trade for stuff i need.
Q me @ 176397445