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Selling Alot of Items, Clearing Out Banks and Houses...List Inside


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Selling the following items.

<ul type="square"> [*]Rose of Trinsic [*]Square Tookit [*]Alchemist's Bauble x4 [*]Dread Pirate Hat [*]Quiver of Infinity [*]Ancient Farmer's Kasa [*]Obsidian Statue of a Resourceful Smith x2 150k each [*]Obsidian Statue of a Despicable Ruffian 150k [*]2k Crossbow Bolts 35k [*]Phillips Wooden Steed x2 15k for both [*]Dawn's Music Box [*]Tattered Wall Map South [*]Exodus Overseer statuette [*]Devourer statuette [*]Shamino's Best Crossbow [*]Holy Sword [*]Tome of Enlightenment [*]282 Green Thorns [*]H.M.S. Cape ship model [*]Mondain's Defeat Plate [*]Colored BOD Reward Anvils (Dull Copper, Shadow, Bronze x2, Gold, Verite, Valorite) 200k each [/list]

Also taking offers on a Ship Claim Ticket from years ago. Very rare, and very hard to find as few remain in game today.

ICQ me at 65361739 with offers on anything without a price and we'll go from there.