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Selling Selling a perfect account NA GamezBD (713gs, many more)


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This is the account with everything maxed in mind. I can do TG or Playerauctions, up to your preference. Hit me up on: Santa#4809

Geberal: 463 Energy and 355 CP

PVE characters: I have PEN Manos Alchemy which is only 6% to get, also a full tet gears for lifeskilling. This character reached 1600 gathering mastery.

PVP characters: I have almost every available builds in the game (Damage Reduction, Evasion, Tank, Damage builds) This is suitable for any classes (I prepared everything for Shai) , all caphras 20 maxed
Also, I have the Lafi compass (teleport) and hunting falcon (search enemy's location) which is sold for 100$ both.

Storage: In Velia storage, I still have a lot of unenchanted boss gears which can easily be sold for 6b if enhance to pen (Especially muskan, dimtree and leeburs) . I also have 2 full accessories inventory in my alt, in which you can easily sell them and make 30b along the way.
In Heidel storage, I have a lot of lifeskilling stuff, like really a lot.

Pets: I have all the important pets in the game, 6 t4 hedgehogs (4 auto-gathering and 2 double amount hedgehogs). 5 t4 and t3 polar bears (increased weight) , 5 t4 birds (For ecology) , also many more others.

Outfits: I have a lot of webshop outfits in every characters, shai, wizard, striker, musa, mystic, archer..etc..

Maids: I have 55 maids, probably more than you will ever need

Horses: 5 dream horses (2 pegasus, 1 dine and 2 doom)

Premium: As of this writing, 95 days left + 15k webshop cash (30$)

Others: I'm making the Epheria Frigate (The best ship in the game) + Forest Path Wagon (An infinite wagon that cannot be broken), both are nearly finished. Those are really hard to make and requires month of gathering and stocking up materials.
- I have a lot of failstacks, 1x 100fs (guaranteed pen accessory , 5x 70+ fs, 2x 60+ fs and 5x 50+ fs..... )

This is the image album:
Price: 600$ without email (Its work's email) . I'm a reputable person in the server. Hit me up for further question ^_^ Thank you
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