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Selling 75mnk 75brd 75rng 71pld


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Hello, selling account.

Elvaan male

SanD'oria rank 8

Zilart: complete

Chain of promathia: chapter 5-3

3mil gil on hand

30+mil in gear

75 monk
75 bard
75 ranger
71 paladin
60 Ninja
60 redmage
42 warrior
37 whitemage
25 samurai
18 blackmage
12 thief

Monk Gear

Head: optical hat, Genbu's Kabuto, walahara turba
Body: shura togi, temple cyclas, scorpion harness
Hands: Melee Gloves (AFv2)
Legs: temple hose, rasestsu hakama
Feet: Melee gaiters (AFv2), dune boots
Back: Amemmet mantle +1
Waist: Brown belt
Earring: Bushinomimi/ Merman's Earring+1
Ammo: Bibiki seashell
Rings: Ruby Ring
Weopon: unlocked destroyers
Neck: Peacock charm

Bard Gear

Head: Opo-opo crown, optical hat, walahara turban, Genbu's kabuto.
Body: Errant Houpelande
Hands: Shair
Legs: Shair
Feet: Rostrum Pumps.
Back: Jester's cape+1
Rings: Angel ring/ astral rings
Earrings: Melody Earring+1
Neck: Star Necklace
Weopon: joyeuse

Ranger Gear:

Head: optical hat
Body: Hunter's jerkin
Hands: Hunter's Bracers
Legs: Hunter's Braccae
Feet: Hunter's Socks
Back: Ammemet Mantle+1
Waist: Royal Knights Belt+2
Rings: Ruby Ring
Earrings: Bushinomimi
Weopons: Othinius's bow/ Fransisca/ Kriegsbiel

6 whole sets of Artifact Armor!

Critical hit rate:lv4
Kick Attack Rate:lv3

all avatars are unlocked!!
This is a really great character that took me 3 years to get this far. Has a great reputation on the server.

Monk is great class. Usable for:
soloing tough monsters
Best melee class for ballista, so if you enjoy PvP this is a great buy
Greatly sought after for end-game Chiblasting! It will be easy to get a great linkshell for endgame materials. Join a new one or stay in current one!
Great job class for any xp/ merit party.

Ranger is also a great class for all of these things.

Bard will get you the fastest xp/merit parties! Bard is also a highly valued class because everyone wants/needs a bard for most endgame bosses, as well as dynamis! With bard youll experience all of the great merit partis, like the rampage party, mana burn party, and TP burn.

all jobs over 60 have full Artifact armor

Asking price is $700
Price is negotiable, please feel free to haggle!

If you have any question regarding this, please send me a PM or send me a message on AIM: illusions8610

I will send you pictures of my character when you contact me