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Sell: Smithing 93 WHM 71 NIN 63 DRK 47 BRD 47 RDM 43 BLM 36 RNG 32 WAR 31


Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts

I would like to sell my FFXi Account. Here is further information:


1st Character:

Race: Elvaan
Gender: Male
Rank: 10
Nation: San D'Oria
Zilart: Ark Angels
CoP: The Mothercrystals

Jobs: WHM 71 NIN 63 DRK 47 BRD 47 BLM 36 WAR 31 RNG 20 BST 20 Other Jobs 10-1
Crafts: Woodworking 61 Smithing 15
Equipment: WHM AF, Mana equipment, equips of other jobs, many items in Moghouse + mules
Account status: Active
All Gate Crystals, Chocobo License and both Airship passes

Expansions: CoP, Zilart and Treasures of Aht Urgan
Summons: Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, Titan, Garuda
Quests solved: Over 150+
Famelevel: Bastok San D'oria Windurst Kazham Rabao Norg Selbina = Max Fame
2 Very rare cudgels from lvl 73 NM's
Expensive Magic learned: Erase, Utsusemi Ichi + NI, Mages Ballad, Raise II + III, and ALL WHM Spells, + ALL BLM Spells (@36) + ALL BRD Songs + ALL NINJUTSU (including all Ni's)

2nd Character (on same account):

Race: Mithra
Gender: Female
Rank: 4
Nation Bastok
Zilart: -
CoP: The Mothercrystals
Jobs: RDM 46 RNG 33 BLM 28 WAR 18 NIN 17 MNK 14 Others 10-1
Crafts: Smithing 93, Clothcraft 50, Goldsmithing 49, Woodworking 42, Leathercraft 17, Alchemy 59
Blacksmith's Apron + Shaded Spectacles from Guilds!
Equipment: Top RNG Equipment (Noct Set +1, Archers Knives, Nomads Mantle etc.)
Account status: Active
All Gate crystals except Vahzl.
Expansions: CoP Zilart ToAU
Quests solved ~70-80

With Smithing 88 it is possible to make 500k-800k a day for SURE. When you're lucky you can make ~18M (see Haubergeon +1/Hauberk +1)

Expensive Magic: Utsusemi Ichi, Dispel, Phalanx [All RDM Spells, All BLM Spells]

+3 Mules with a lot of items

Contact me via MSN: [email protected]
or via email: [email protected]