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Selling SELL SF2 account 1lieutanent

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camo shine tree fx - 1
camo egg fx - 1
camo silent night - 2
camo halloween - 2
camo dandelion 1day -3
camo mosaic 30days -1
camo puzzle 7days -1
got a couple more 1day camo

eagle eye snow voucher 30D - 1
Red snow voucher 30D - 4
GROM voucher 30D - 1
Reset desertion -1
color alias 7days -24
double up 1day -23
exp 100% 7day -3

lite armor 30D -4
lite armor 7D-3
lite armor 1D-2
fatigues -62Days left
bush hat 7D -11
Bandana 7D -21
Beret 7D- 37
OD cap 7D- 15
got like 40more 1D caps but lazy to type out
corps shirt perm
corp shirt 7D -1
C pants 7D-13
Flak jacket 7D-13
got 38 more jackets and pants 1D

M4a1 EOTECH blood
M4a1 Venus
M4a1 snowcrystal
k2 galil arm mk2 - got camo on it
ak103 lightning silver fx
ak 103 rudolph
G36C Batgun
Aug A3
Famas - got camo on it
Bolt 417 hunter
awp white
awp mk4
860cz - got camo
scorpion navy blue
mp5k skull
p90 mk2
k3 mk2
L86 fts
xm1014 - got camo on it

D eagle
m92FS X 2
longbow blackedition
kukri hunter

incen grenade
smoke bomb
m67 snowman
m67 x2

above are all perm weapons.
got some nonperm weapons like psg1-d 17d, ctm200 blue 50d, rpk74 50d, rm870eo 60d, m4a1eo 90d, ak103eo 70d

will consider offers

- - - Updated - - -

Just pm me or post here