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Here is the Convo of our trading Process, He jacked my account....

elementsk8er908: got any accounts for trade?
Owned8744: Yes.
elementsk8er908: wat?
Owned8744: What do u have
Owned8744: ?
elementsk8er908: 60 epic warrior
Owned8744: Like what race
Owned8744: ?
elementsk8er908: tauren
Owned8744: Gear
Owned8744: ?
elementsk8er908: 3/8 Might
elementsk8er908: OeB
elementsk8er908: TuF
Owned8744: nice...
elementsk8er908: other MC epics
Owned8744: I have 3 60s
Owned8744: for trade
elementsk8er908: wat?
Owned8744: 60 ne warr 60 ne hunter 60 ud mage
elementsk8er908: same account?
Owned8744: Nope
Owned8744: the mage an hunter r same
elementsk8er908: wat gear are they?

Owned8744: /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif
Owned8744: Average
Owned8744: ghunter 5/8 BS Assinatation and krol and Abb mage 4/8 magisters and the warr 5 epix
Owned8744: its a good deal u could sell for a lot
Owned8744: u have a pic
Owned8744: of ur warr
Owned8744: ?
elementsk8er908: nah
Owned8744: Ok
Owned8744: and ill thorew in a glider key
Owned8744: and
Owned8744: a cod2 cd key
Owned8744: abd bf2 cd key
Owned8744: there worth 50$ each
elementsk8er908: wats a Glider ?

Owned8744: WoW glider
elementsk8er908: wats that?
Owned8744: lvls to 60 in 1 week
Owned8744: http://www.wowglider.com/
Owned8744: kk?
elementsk8er908: Really?
Owned8744: Yup
Owned8744: I have a key
Owned8744: that u can have
elementsk8er908: how do i kno this isnt a scam?
Owned8744: When we trade
Owned8744: what do u mean
Owned8744: ?
Owned8744: Do u have sq/a
Owned8744: ?
elementsk8er908: nope =/
elementsk8er908: friend gave me account
Owned8744: What if he recalls
Owned8744: ?
elementsk8er908: he wont
elementsk8er908: i have had account since he quit which was a year ago
Owned8744: OHH
Owned8744: ok
Owned8744: Its not a scam
Owned8744: I have it right here
Owned8744: bro
Owned8744: Im looking at it
Owned8744: Does he even know what the recall info is?
Owned8744: lol
elementsk8er908: no lol
Owned8744: hehe
Owned8744: Ok.
Owned8744: Lets trade
Owned8744: 3 60s
Owned8744: and a glider key
Owned8744: /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif
elementsk8er908: well i dont want both accounts
Owned8744: oh
elementsk8er908: but ill take the mage and hunter
Owned8744: Kk
Owned8744: np
elementsk8er908: and glider key
Owned8744: kk np
Owned8744: I dont have sq/a
Owned8744: either
elementsk8er908: ok
elementsk8er908: so how you wanna do this?
Owned8744: u go first man i dotn scam i got 8 pos. feedback
elementsk8er908: umm
elementsk8er908: let me see them please
Owned8744: kk np
Owned8744: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showratings.php/User/11022
Owned8744: ok?
elementsk8er908: 1 sec
Owned8744: kk
Owned8744: k?
elementsk8er908: umm
elementsk8er908: how do i do it?
Owned8744: Do what
elementsk8er908: the Glider
Owned8744: Oh u dl demo version
Owned8744: and type the key in when i tell u it
Owned8744: ok
Owned8744: WHats ur info?
Owned8744: Very simple.
Owned8744: to use.
Owned8744: 60 in 1 wekk
Owned8744: Week
elementsk8er908: 1 sec
Owned8744: Do you even know where ur friend lives?
Owned8744: lol
elementsk8er908: downloading Glider
Owned8744: Do you? lol
elementsk8er908: not anymore
Owned8744: didnt u said he moved or sumthing..
Owned8744: Does he have aim?
elementsk8er908: nope he doesnt
elementsk8er908: he moved a long time ago
Owned8744: Ah..
Owned8744: Sorry to hear
Owned8744: Done?
elementsk8er908: i dont kno wat to do
Owned8744: what it say
Owned8744: ?
Owned8744: Ill explain after
Owned8744: its complicated to get started.
elementsk8er908: why after?
Owned8744: Ok
Owned8744: w.e
Owned8744: Where are u
Owned8744: What does it say
Owned8744: ?
elementsk8er908: LauchPad
elementsk8er908: Help
elementsk8er908: SecCheck
Owned8744: click launch pad
Owned8744: Then what do u c?
elementsk8er908: there isnt a Lauchpad
elementsk8er908: like \
Owned8744: ..
elementsk8er908: you can click
elementsk8er908: Help
elementsk8er908: SecCheck
elementsk8er908: Edit Profile
elementsk8er908: Configure
elementsk8er908: Launch!
Owned8744: Launch
Owned8744: Click that
elementsk8er908: it says
elementsk8er908: It has been 7 days or more since your last SecCheck. Do you want to run one now?
Owned8744: no
Owned8744: Now what
Owned8744: ?
Owned8744: what pieces of might
Owned8744: does the warr have
Owned8744: ?
elementsk8er908: Head, Chest, Bracers
Owned8744: nice!
Owned8744: ok
Owned8744: now what do u c
Owned8744: ?
Owned8744: WHat shoulders is it wearing?
elementsk8er908: Stockade
elementsk8er908: or Valor
Owned8744: nice
Owned8744: AB exalted 1's?
elementsk8er908: im at Quick Start
elementsk8er908: no
elementsk8er908: got AV epics though
Owned8744: kk
Owned8744: ok
Owned8744: click it
Owned8744: dude
Owned8744: the rest is easy
elementsk8er908: First, make sure Glider is attached to the World of Warcraft process. Log in as your character and then push the "Attach" button. Or, simply start Glider after logging in. Once attached, you will see in the Glider title bar.

Owned8744: lets trade
Owned8744: i *** soon
elementsk8er908: stop
elementsk8er908: read that
Owned8744: ??
elementsk8er908: and tell me
Owned8744: read what
elementsk8er908: nvm
Owned8744: lol
Owned8744: Need anymore help
Owned8744: ?
Owned8744: Yeah.
Owned8744: Your set to go.
Owned8744: Just need key
Owned8744: Now Give me information.
Owned8744: So i can tell you mine.
Owned8744: ok?
Owned8744: u there
Owned8744: ?
Owned8744: Hello!
Owned8744: u there man
Owned8744: ?
elementsk8er908: yes
elementsk8er908: be easy man jesus
Owned8744: hehe
Owned8744: /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif
elementsk8er908: i dont kno how to do this Glider thing
Owned8744: I know.
Owned8744: U need the cd key
Owned8744: before u can start
Owned8744: Ok, Information?
Owned8744: Ill tell u mine right after
Owned8744: And I'll tell u how to add the key?
Owned8744: ook
Owned8744: ?
elementsk8er908: you tell me yours fisrt
elementsk8er908: ok
Owned8744: No.
elementsk8er908: ill tell you mine
Owned8744: I have more pos.
Owned8744: ok
elementsk8er908: but you better not scam me
Owned8744: i know.
Owned8744: I need to verify
Owned8744: It when u say
Owned8744: it
Owned8744: So dont think im a scammer if i dont say mine for like 1 min.
elementsk8er908: Armonzies16 and mharris15
Owned8744: lemme verify
Owned8744: omfg
Owned8744: My internet
Owned8744: went out
Owned8744: 1 sec
Owned8744: im verifying
elementsk8er908: k
Owned8744: its slow tonite
Owned8744: what realm
Owned8744: it on
Owned8744: ?
elementsk8er908: Stormreaver
Owned8744: kk
Owned8744: Checking
Owned8744: sec
Owned8744: omg
Owned8744: taking a while
Owned8744: damn it laggy
Owned8744: We are gunna have to do this another time
Owned8744: WHere its noit [censored] up
Owned8744: It says cannot log into game server now
elementsk8er908: dude
elementsk8er908: wtf
elementsk8er908: dont scam me
Owned8744: ???
Owned8744: How did i scam u..?
Owned8744: i cant even log on to verify it
elementsk8er908: believe me its there
elementsk8er908: i promise to god
Owned8744: dude
Owned8744: ill trade tomrrow
Owned8744: or w.e its better
Owned8744: u gunan be on tomrrow
Owned8744: ?
elementsk8er908: no
elementsk8er908: thats why
Owned8744: ??
Owned8744: why where u going
Owned8744: ?
elementsk8er908: we can trade its on there
elementsk8er908: Spring Break
elementsk8er908: i swear to god its on there
Owned8744: spring break?
elementsk8er908: ya
elementsk8er908: vacation
Owned8744: When
Owned8744: ?
elementsk8er908: tommorow
Owned8744: so..?
elementsk8er908: lets trade now
elementsk8er908: i have that warrior he is on there
Owned8744: in a sec
Owned8744: it says
elementsk8er908: omg
Owned8744: ??
elementsk8er908: at least give me something
elementsk8er908: you have had my account forever
Owned8744: i will
Owned8744: veriyfying
elementsk8er908: let me verify
Owned8744: k
Owned8744: getting info
elementsk8er908: k
Owned8744: i have like a huuuuge paghe
Owned8744: of info
elementsk8er908: ok
elementsk8er908: find it ?>
Owned8744: nope
elementsk8er908: wats the mages/hunters info?
Owned8744: Looking under [censored] dess!
Owned8744: lol
Owned8744: Jesus christ
elementsk8er908: cmon man
Owned8744: dude i cant find it
Owned8744: gosh
Owned8744: Im looking
Owned8744: I need to verify ur warr
elementsk8er908: well then give me my account back
Owned8744: first
elementsk8er908: you said you already did
elementsk8er908: wtf
Owned8744: no..?
Owned8744: i said im going to when its fixed
Owned8744: gosh
elementsk8er908: ....
Owned8744: hold on!!
Owned8744: everyhing on wow is [censored]
Owned8744: we pay 15 a month
Owned8744: and this is what we get!
Owned8744: lol
elementsk8er908: cmon man this is seeming like a scam
Owned8744: dude i know it is
Owned8744: But its no
Owned8744: not
Owned8744: I need to verify
Owned8744: the account.
elementsk8er908: well hurry up '
Owned8744: The servers aer [censored]
elementsk8er908: no they arent
elementsk8er908: im on righ tnow
Owned8744: k sec
elementsk8er908: can i have Glider Key info please
Owned8744: yes
elementsk8er908: wat is it?
Owned8744: Ima look for it also
elementsk8er908: ...
elementsk8er908: cmon man
Owned8744: dude
elementsk8er908: i htough you were in a hurry....
Owned8744: im getting it
Owned8744: not anymore
Owned8744: parenst dont mind
elementsk8er908: well please hurry
Owned8744: trying
Owned8744: im stuck
Owned8744: 1 sec
Owned8744: Stupid auth servers
elementsk8er908: omg
elementsk8er908: dude hurry
elementsk8er908: i have to go to bed
elementsk8er908: wats hunter and mages info?
Owned8744: kk
elementsk8er908: and glider key please
elementsk8er908: cmon please
elementsk8er908: i have to go to bed
elementsk8er908: parents are yelling at me
elementsk8er908: hurry
elementsk8er908: cmon
elementsk8er908: now
Owned8744: ok
Owned8744: Hubbut13
Owned8744: pw
Owned8744: Herbert453
Owned8744: ***
Owned8744 signed off at 12:17:48 AM.
elementsk8er908: wtf
Previous message was not received by Owned8744 because of error: User Owned8744 is not available.

Owned8744 signed on at 12:20:01 AM.
Owned8744 signed off at 12:20:13 AM.


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Sorry to hear. I had a problem with owned8744 the other night.

As you can see in the log he tried giving me "hidestart.exe" a program that hides your start bar. But after scanning the exe contained <font color=" red">W32.Klez.A</font> a highly harmful computer virus.

http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/[email protected]

<font color=" red">Please avoid taking any files from him , log below.</font>

Session Start (cyfusion1:eek:wned8744): Fri Mar 24 22:31:17 2006
[22:31] owned8744: hi
[22:31] cyfusion1: hello
[22:31] owned8744: wanna c a pic of my warr
[22:31] owned8744: ?
[22:31] cyfusion1: hah
[22:31] cyfusion1: sure
[22:31] owned8744: kk sec
[22:32] *** owned8744 wants to directly connect.
[22:32] owned8744: accept..
[22:32] *** owned8744 wants to directly connect.
[22:32] cyfusion1: I did
[22:33] owned8744: ...
[22:33] cyfusion1: probably because I am using trillian
[22:33] cyfusion1: try again
[22:33] *** owned8744 wants to directly connect.
[22:33] owned8744: u DC with me
[22:33] *** cyfusion1 wants to directly connect.
[22:33] *** owned8744 is now directly connected.
[22:33] *** owned8744 direct connection is closed (couldn't send packet!).
[22:34] cyfusion1: well can you send a file to me maybe?
[22:34] *** owned8744 is now directly connected.
[22:34] owned8744: New file received, click to save (C:\Program Files\Trillian1\users\default\cache\hidestart.exe)
[22:34] cyfusion1: heh don't know what that is sorry
[22:34] *** owned8744 direct connection is closed (couldn't send packet!).
[22:34] *** owned8744 is now directly connected.
[22:34] owned8744: click it
[22:34] *** owned8744 direct connection is closed (couldn't send packet!).
[22:34] cyfusion1: I don't open exe's
[22:34] *** owned8744 is now directly connected.
[22:34] owned8744: ??
[22:34] owned8744: dude
[22:34] owned8744: its not a virus
[22:34] owned8744: plus firewall
[22:34] owned8744: so
[22:35] cyfusion1: I am going to entertain you , give me a minute
[22:35] owned8744: ???
[22:35] owned8744: how
[22:35] owned8744: ?
[22:35] cyfusion1: hidestart.exe
[22:35] owned8744: ?
[22:35] *** owned8744 direct connection is closed (couldn't send packet!).
[22:35] cyfusion1: so
[22:35] cyfusion1: I clicked it
[22:35] cyfusion1: now what will it do?
[22:35] owned8744: Do u c ur start
[22:36] owned8744: do u
[22:36] owned8744: ?
[22:36] cyfusion1: sure
[22:36] owned8744: ?
[22:36] owned8744: U have a mac
[22:36] owned8744: ?
[22:36] owned8744: ?
[22:36] owned8744: or windowns
[22:36] cyfusion1: hah wow man
[22:37] cyfusion1: I've already quarentined the file just going to figure out what you sent me
[22:37] cyfusion1: will post this if your trying to infect me
[22:37] owned8744: ????
[22:37] cyfusion1: I'm not and idiot with keyloggers or viruses
[22:37] owned8744: dude
[22:37] owned8744: its a harmless prank..
[22:37] owned8744: Not a virus
[22:38] cyfusion1: Well you started with sending me a picture to an exe
[22:38] cyfusion1: sorry but I am not on here to play around , what was it supposed to do
[22:38] owned8744: do u know how to send me a keylogger?
[22:38] cyfusion1: didn't work for me
[22:39] cyfusion1: what was this hidestart supposed to do?
[22:39] cyfusion1: hide my start bar?
[22:41] cyfusion1: seriously I do not log into AIM to screw around , trying to sell accounts right now
[22:41] cyfusion1: and a tip would be don't send people exe's saying it's a pic of your warrior
[22:42] owned8744: k
Session Close (owned8744): Fri Mar 24 22:45:59 2006


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Is it just me or are all scammers illiterate? /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif


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Yeah, He messaged me last night saying he knows how to hack - and to direct connect. So I did and he sent some corrupt file.




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<font color="black">Theres a fine line between it being the scammers fault and it being the victims stupidity. </font>

[/ QUOTE ]

Correct , usually you can tell if a trade is going to go bad or not. Just from the first part of the log I would not have done it. and never take .exe's from someone over AIM.

Owned8744: WoW glider
elementsk8er908: wats that?
Owned8744: lvls to 60 in 1 week
Owned8744: http://www.wowglider.com/
Owned8744: kk?

That's classic.


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<font color="black"> I always tell people to to never trade unless they are totally comfortable with it, and to use a middleman (somone thats well know preferably and trusted by most pople, to limit the chances of getting scammed). But most people think that it would never happen to them.

A perfect example was somone wanted to trade an account for a gamecard and i was suppose to middleman, but the guy wouldnt give me the SA to the account so i could verify until i gave him the gamecard code, i told him no and i told the guy with the gamecode exactly how he was going to scam him and i advised trading with him could be a bad idea. He blew it off and said hes not going to get scammed so i refused to middleman and they did a straight trade. Half hour later the guy with the gamecode IM'd me saying he got scammed and partially blamed me because i refused to middleman.

Hopefully now though this TrustWho will pick up and people will hopefully "learn" to only trade with other people who will have TrustWho and hopefully will help limit the amount of scammers. </font>


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How hard is it to get someones Phone number and speak wiht them on the phone and wouldnt it hurt to ask as many questions as you can ask... honeslty trading isnt hard sure theres a ton of idiots out there out to scam you, but if you know how to protect yourself you'd be fine. Also a trade where youre getting 20 epics for some blue filled toon prolly isnt real. CHECK in game PPL talk on the phone and if youre excuse or their excuse is "i live in another country" or "im 15" then trust me theres other trades out there better being safe then sorry trust me i know.


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Owned8744: ok?
Owned8744: can we do this
Owned8744: ?
aimfortheheadFTW: ok give me the pally info
Owned8744: ...
Owned8744: no sq
Owned8744: u mean
Owned8744: mage
Owned8744: so u can add time
Owned8744: ?
aimfortheheadFTW: yesterday u said u had a pally and you would give me the sqa also
aimfortheheadFTW: :-\
Owned8744: ya but not signed to my email
aimfortheheadFTW: well get it signed to ur e-mail right now then
Owned8744: y
aimfortheheadFTW: y not
Owned8744: cuzz
aimfortheheadFTW: cuzz ur a scammer?
Owned8744: naw
Owned8744: i cant
aimfortheheadFTW: y not
Owned8744: no cd
Owned8744: ke
Owned8744: key
aimfortheheadFTW: u dont need the cd-ke only the sqa
Owned8744: no
aimfortheheadFTW: yes
aimfortheheadFTW: ive done it like 10 times before
Owned8744: they changed
Owned8744: it
Owned8744: now
aimfortheheadFTW: when?
Owned8744: i dunno
aimfortheheadFTW: i think your bullshitting mew
Owned8744: hah
Owned8744 signed off at 11:13:25 AM.

Owned8744: what it say?
Owned8744: and who posted it
Owned8744: ?
aimfortheheadFTW: every1
aimfortheheadFTW: theres like 10+ people posting on it saying your a scammer
Owned8744: what
Owned8744: did i do
Owned8744: ?
aimfortheheadFTW: trying to be a dirty little scammer but ur scams suck and u suck so go suck a ****
Owned8744: ??
Owned8744 signed off at 11:20:28 AM.

He messaged me saying he would trade me an epic pally for a gamecard..... lol yeah right. He also IM a few days earlier trying to send me a pic of some warrior, proberly some type of trojan or worm.