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Scammers -


Long-term member
Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
AIMS of known scammers, many of which I know from experience.

AIM Names:

TheSkunkist (Markee Name - TheSkunkist)
Musthemust34 (Markee Name - Musty34)
Blokade (Markee Name - Blokade)
Insomiax (Markee Name - JohnKartsub)
Insomicrack (Markee Name - JohnKartsub)
N0s855 (Markee Name - JohnKartsub)
Prylozek (Markee Name - JohnKartsub)
RyanCagle1232 (Markee Name - <Unknown>)
OMGitsCagle (Markee Name - <Unknown>)

Scammed accounts:

8/8 Tier 1 and 2 Orc Warlock on Thunderlord US PvP, character has been scammed and used in scams. Account name and character name are not known.

Former Rank 13 Male Tauren Shaman on Stormreaver EU PvP, character was scammed off me just yesterday. 31 epics, 6/8 EF, and more. Character name is Insidious, and account name is Psychlon.

7/8 Tier 2 Human Male Warrior on Lothar US Alliance, 7/8 Wrath (Missing boots), Draketalon Cleaver, and more. Characters name is Jobob, account name is Rsnyder20.

As I continue looking into tracking down known scammers, I will continue to expose them.

Shady / Unknown (Possible Scammers):

PBFreak (AIM: pbfreak111112) - Scammed many ''scammers'', so he got away with scamming by that way. Then told those scammers THAT HE IS ME (said ''im pwnpwn''), and impersonated me, so then I had several scammers barrel down on me, which costed me a $630 USD Shaman.

Gluts (AIM: SuPeRmAn14690) - Been connected with Blokade, a known scammer. They are friends, reply to each others posts, and are thought to be the same person.

More to come. Peace, and don't get nailed.

(This will be updated as more names come along. If you know of any scammers not listed here, or anyone acting like a scammer or someone who is said to scam but have no proof, please let me know and I'll add them.)