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SCAMMERS Leprachaun319 and Cchhaazzcchhaazz


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heres the convo between me and lep
leprachaun319: hey
leprachaun319: do you still have your warrior and druid
fall161: yea but they are on dif accts i mistyped
leprachaun319: oh
leprachaun319: are you tradeing them together for a rogue
leprachaun319: or seperate
fall161: depends
fall161: on gear
fall161: and such
leprachaun319: My rogue is crappy geared
leprachaun319: im interested in the druid
fall161: wat kinda gear?
leprachaun319: He uses Stormshroud
leprachaun319: and he uses lobotomizer and glacial blade
leprachaun319: don hulios rings
leprachaun319: only good things about em
fall161: nice
leprachaun319: he has shadowcraft belt and bracers
fall161: race/sex?
leprachaun319: the rest is stormshroud and wicked leather
leprachaun319: he's a undead rogue male
fall161: nice
leprachaun319: on Warsong
fall161: k
fall161: u got a mic and vent?
fall161: so we can use a middle man
fall161: and id also like to see the char ingame
leprachaun319: 1 moment
fall161: k
leprachaun319: well i dont have vent or TS
leprachaun319: i have a guy trustworthy to MM though if you'd like
leprachaun319: through aim
leprachaun319: he has my info already
fall161: ive got a guy to
fall161: heh
leprachaun319: uhh well
fall161: wats his AIM?
leprachaun319: however you want
fall161: we can use yours
leprachaun319: cchhaazzcchhaazz
fall161: i invited him
fall161: tell him to join
leprachaun319: k
fall161: i think some where i heard somthing about chaz scamming
fall161: but im not sure
leprachaun319: huh
leprachaun319: chazz traded me his pally two days ago
leprachaun319: nothing went wrong
fall161: k
fall161: k hes got my info
leprachaun319: kk cool
fall161: how longs it take till i get yours
leprachaun319: he's checking them right now
leprachaun319: to make sure they each have the chars on them
leprachaun319: that we said they did
fall161: wats your acct name so i dont have to type it lol
fall161: mine is rscmodder
leprachaun319: mine is schontas
fall161: k
fall161: does ur rogue have epic mount?
leprachaun319: yea
leprachaun319: he's actually kind of poor
leprachaun319: only has 32g right now
leprachaun319: cause i got his mount thursday
fall161: heh more then i got
leprachaun319: but im tired of not getting groups
fall161: i had to pay the 25g respec fee to get into the guild
leprachaun319: i just want to be able to heal
fall161: not getting groups?
leprachaun319: yet have a class that can gank
leprachaun319: just, harder for rogues of course
fall161: bad rep?
leprachaun319: no
leprachaun319: just to many rogues
leprachaun319: i mean, if you try hard enough
leprachaun319: it's not that hard
leprachaun319: but i've always wondered how easy it was for druids / priests tog et groups
leprachaun319: get groups*
leprachaun319: for instances
leprachaun319: btw, the rogue is a Stone Guard
leprachaun319: next rank he get shis first pvp set
leprachaun319: he already has enough honor this week to rank
leprachaun319: so you'll be able to get pvp gloves / boots
fall161: cool
leprachaun319: chaz is waiting in queue
leprachaun319: btw
leprachaun319: do you have SQ / A to the account?
fall161: no
leprachaun319: i have mine
leprachaun319: oh well
fall161: is it good that he changed my accts info?
leprachaun319: yes he's going to change it
fall161: ok
leprachaun319: then let us each see each others
leprachaun319: he'll change mimne too
fall161: k
leprachaun319: well he confirmed ur druid is there
leprachaun319: he's gettin on my rogue now
fall161: k
fall161: wat time zone is ur rogues server
leprachaun319: CST

leprachaun319: Central Standard
fall161: k good
fall161: wtf
fall161: he just signed off?
fall161: wtf just happend
leprachaun319: we are a team
leprachaun319: you just got scammed
leprachaun319: gg
fall161: [censored]
leprachaun319 signed off at 11:04:57 PM.

heres the chat between me and chaz

fall161: hey
cchhaazzcchhaazz: ok
fall161: rscmodder is the acct name
cchhaazzcchhaazz: ok
fall161: and pass is gateway1
cchhaazzcchhaazz: ok
fall161: dont scam me plz
fall161: ull get in a queue
cchhaazzcchhaazz: i waont
fall161: which takes awhile
fall161: dont know if u wanna wait
cchhaazzcchhaazz: i will
fall161: wat position in queue
cchhaazzcchhaazz: 30
cchhaazzcchhaazz: 38 sorry
cchhaazzcchhaazz: so have u played the game gateway
fall161: no
fall161: its my type of comp
cchhaazzcchhaazz: lol
cchhaazzcchhaazz: seriously
fall161: yea
fall161: well
fall161: i use to
cchhaazzcchhaazz: i have a hp
fall161: i got a dell inspiron 8200 laptop now
cchhaazzcchhaazz: woo cool
fall161: ya i got 2 of them
cchhaazzcchhaazz: u seriously
fall161: yea
fall161: that and i built my own desktop
fall161: with my dads help
fall161: im 14 so i needed some help
cchhaazzcchhaazz: o sweet
cchhaazzcchhaazz: so can u recall
cchhaazzcchhaazz: the guy is asking
fall161: no =/
cchhaazzcchhaazz: ok
fall161: can he?
fall161: wat pos now?
cchhaazzcchhaazz: 10
fall161: how about now?
cchhaazzcchhaazz: i am in
fall161: k
fall161: hes there right
cchhaazzcchhaazz: yes
fall161: k
cchhaazzcchhaazz: rbb 1 min
fall161: =/
fall161: wats taking so long
cchhaazzcchhaazz: i am looking at his
fall161: k
fall161: is it there?
cchhaazzcchhaazz: his in que
fall161: wat pos
cchhaazzcchhaazz signed off at 11:04:18 PM.

heres the chat room with both of them for a short period of time.

You have just entered room "chat41662784794102965814."
leprachaun319 has entered the room.
cchhaazzcchhaazz has entered the room.
cchhaazzcchhaazz: hey
fall161: hey
fall161: so how we do this
fall161: first time using a MM
cchhaazzcchhaazz: well give me your info and ill look at it and tell u what he is offering to make sure its right and if it is ill give u his info and ill give him yours
leprachaun319: i gave you mine alrady
fall161: wait wat?
leprachaun319: already*
cchhaazzcchhaazz: i know
fall161: so i give u my info
leprachaun319: he's on Warsong member
fall161: u check it for the druid
cchhaazzcchhaazz: yes
fall161: well elune has a queue
leprachaun319: hey fall
fall161: ?
leprachaun319: just outa curiousity
leprachaun319: what kinda gear is the druid in
cchhaazzcchhaazz: so i ahev to wait in que
fall161: all blues
leprachaun319: feral or balance
leprachaun319: resto
fall161: resto
fall161: cause when he hits 60
fall161: hes in a MC guild
fall161: so he can jump right in
leprachaun319: thats awesome
fall161: k
leprachaun319: Is he rested exp at all?
cchhaazzcchhaazz: ok
fall161: yea
leprachaun319: sweet
fall161: till 58.5 or so
leprachaun319: niceee
fall161: ok
cchhaazzcchhaazz has left the room.
leprachaun319: how far is that guild into MC?
fall161: not sure exactly