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scammers-aim- obscuruscom, aim- incarnationhasit


Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
heres obscur...'s MM chat log [censored]
obscuruscom (4:38:41 PM): I have his security question as well if you want that.
SouthKaliBuD (4:38:53 PM): account name is ****** and PW is enjoy420
obscuruscom returned at 4:38:53 PM.
obscuruscom (4:39:07 PM): 1 sec for verify
SouthKaliBuD (4:40:25 PM): SQA is favorite activity and answer is hockey if he wants it
obscuruscom (4:41:15 PM): Account name: Nisoas pw- newuser1 security question favorite movie answer- grease
SouthKaliBuD (4:42:21 PM): that doesnt work

Previous message was not received by obscuruscom because of error (4:42:21 PM): obscuruscom is not available.

oh well only have to wait for my email its all better be safe ppl