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Scammer! :-)


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tompster2000: hey
XxWowtrader: Yes?
tompster2000: u interested in afull tier 1 rogue?
XxWowtrader: can i see igname?
tompster2000: ill show you the pics that i used for ebay
tompster2000: then ill show u in game
XxWowtrader: K
XxWowtrader: Wait
XxWowtrader: No
tompster2000: u still have ur war?>
XxWowtrader: Id rather just see ingame
tompster2000: well theres no time on the account
XxWowtrader: i do
XxWowtrader: lol
XxWowtrader: [censored] that
XxWowtrader: no trade
tompster2000: but i could put a CC on lol
XxWowtrader: scamme
XxWowtrader: Then do it
tompster2000: how would i scam u
XxWowtrader: And show me
tompster2000: im not even asking for ur info
XxWowtrader: Lol you could easily keylogg me
tompster2000: why the [censored] would i waste 15$ on u
tompster2000: yea im chineese ill keylog u
XxWowtrader: Wow im posting this funny [censored] here
tompster2000: go ahead
tompster2000: Xx boy
XxWowtrader: why would you show me pics? and say
tompster2000: cause
XxWowtrader: ill show in game after
XxWowtrader: ??
XxWowtrader: when you know you ahve no itme
tompster2000: stop hitting enter first of all
tompster2000: 2nd of all i show u pics if u are still interested then ill show u in game
tompster2000: ill put a CC on and pay 15$ if someone is actaully interested
XxWowtrader: Who would prefer pics over seeing ingame?
XxWowtrader: Pics could come from anywhere
tompster2000: CAUSE I HAVE TO Pay 15$ TO SEE IN GAME
tompster2000: [censored]
XxWowtrader: Well no one will trade for an acct with no itme
tompster2000: you sir failed english 101
tompster2000: i could put time on
tompster2000: if you are actually serious
XxWowtrader: IF i like pics?
XxWowtrader: Lol
XxWowtrader: No ty
tompster2000: what if u see pics and see that i dont have good weps
tompster2000: and say [censored] that
tompster2000: a lot of people trust pics of my words
tompster2000: so i made pics
tompster2000: [censored]..
XxWowtrader: Lol
XxWowtrader: GG
tompster2000: wow
tompster2000: GG?
tompster2000: [censored] nerd lol
XxWowtrader: hahah
XxWowtrader: only if you knew me in real life
tompster2000: no1s ever gonna trade with annoying pos like u
XxWowtrader: yea
XxWowtrader: Especially when i know hwo not to get scammed


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I was interested in it,but what scammer doesnt say that? Why would i want to see pics before? Accepting file transfer is the easiest way to get Keylogged.


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Uh... that's doesnt mean you jump to conclusions and insults. Tell him to upload the pictures to www.imageshack.us