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xboohyax [12:19 PM]: hey
xboohyax [12:19 PM]: im very interested in your hunter my friend.
ChickStealer45 [12:19 PM]: i see
xboohyax [12:20 PM]: i got a warrior with felstriker and axe of deepwood both with crusader enchant. the reast of his gear is really good blues. he has 125FR and is attuned for mc and ony
xboohyax [12:20 PM]: he also has bracers of might
ChickStealer45 [12:21 PM]: hmmm
ChickStealer45 [12:21 PM]: markee name?
xboohyax [12:21 PM]: hes also on a pve server.
xboohyax [12:21 PM]: ph4rcyde i think leme check
xboohyax [12:21 PM]: yea
xboohyax [12:21 PM]: ph4rcyde
ChickStealer45 [12:22 PM]: No matches.

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xboohyax [12:22 PM]: im logged in right now.
xboohyax [12:22 PM]: look ill make a post of you want.
ChickStealer45 [12:22 PM]: sure
xboohyax [12:24 PM]: there
xboohyax [12:24 PM]: just postedjust posted it
xboohyax [12:25 PM]: see it?
xboohyax [12:28 PM]: yes?
ChickStealer45 [12:29 PM]: hmmmm
ChickStealer45 [12:30 PM]: had any other characters?
xboohyax [12:30 PM]: 46 shaman
ChickStealer45 [12:30 PM]: that you ever had before?
xboohyax [12:30 PM]: on a pvp server
ChickStealer45 [12:30 PM]: this warrior is the only char you've had correct?
xboohyax [12:30 PM]: yea
ChickStealer45 [12:31 PM]: Procharged, I've got a nice Epic'd Rogue that I'm willing to trade. He's a Night Elf Rogue. He's got 4/8 BF, 2/8 NS, 2 Pieces of ZG gear, 190 NR, 209 FR, FR is epic gear. He's got manyyyy epics. Too many to list. Vis'kag, Perditions Blade, Hakkari Warblade, Felstriker. All with +15 agi enchants. He's also attuned to all instances as well as an epic mount.
xboohyax [12:31 PM]: hes in an amazing guild
ChickStealer45 [12:31 PM]: so...
ChickStealer45 [12:31 PM]: good try
xboohyax [12:31 PM]: but
xboohyax [12:31 PM]: the post said hunter
xboohyax [12:31 PM]: oh thats my friend jd
xboohyax [12:31 PM]: spitphyr
ChickStealer45 [12:31 PM]: thats your old post
xboohyax [12:31 PM]: hes on the same server
ChickStealer45 [12:31 PM]: umm lol
xboohyax [12:31 PM]: not my char. but he used my account to trade his.
xboohyax [12:32 PM]: im not a scammer. i swear on my life.
ChickStealer45 [12:32 PM]: dude you share the ssame ip...
xboohyax [12:32 PM]: ill talk to you on the phone if you want
xboohyax [12:32 PM]: he was at my house when he did it
ChickStealer45 [12:32 PM]: sorry
xboohyax [12:32 PM]: its cool man but your wayyyyy to sketchy....
ChickStealer45 [12:32 PM]: lolo
xboohyax [12:32 PM]: i just want a hunter...and i have a warrior...i want to trade my warrior for a hunter
xboohyax [12:33 PM]: thats the basis of this whole thing
ChickStealer45 [12:33 PM]: ok not with me tough
ChickStealer45 [12:33 PM]: though
xboohyax [12:33 PM]: it shouldnt matter if my friend posted a trade for his account from my house.
xboohyax [12:33 PM]: we were lanning and it was like 5 in the morning when iwas browsing the forums and he decided he wanted to trade his rogue
xboohyax [12:33 PM]: he never did. he still has it
xboohyax [12:34 PM]: and now it has 5/8 bloodfang
xboohyax [12:34 PM]: on the same server as this warrior is
xboohyax [12:34 PM]: lol
ChickStealer45 [12:34 PM]: no trade sorry
xboohyax [12:34 PM]: its cool lol.
xboohyax [12:35 PM]: i just dont understand why its a big deal rofl
xboohyax [12:35 PM]: i mean you can see my char ingame and i can call him up and tell him to log on and show yout he rogue thats posted in that forum if you want lol.
ChickStealer45 [12:36 PM]: sorry