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Possible scammer. He says paypal is messing up =) But i checked and his "paypal" email isnt registared nor is the transaction number he gave me valid.

wowplayer43 (11:49:15 AM): kk sending right now, 100$, hope any1 didnt offer higher?
Iwatchspaceballs (11:49:30 AM): nope other guy never got back with me so oh well
wowplayer43 (11:49:46 AM): kk sending now be rdy to check mail i dunno how long this will take
wowplayer43 (11:51:01 AM): btw how do i change it to another server?
Iwatchspaceballs (11:51:16 AM): go to the paid character transfers section in my account
wowplayer43 (11:51:25 AM): sec
wowplayer43 (11:51:40 AM): did u receive any mail?
Iwatchspaceballs (11:51:43 AM): not yet
wowplayer43 (11:51:45 AM): k
wowplayer43 (11:51:48 AM): tell me when
Iwatchspaceballs (11:54:03 AM): still nothing, sometimes it takes a few minutes. especially in the mornings and around lunch
wowplayer43 (11:54:17 AM): ok
wowplayer43 (11:54:48 AM): keep updating ur browser so u can see if there is anything new
Iwatchspaceballs (11:55:39 AM): k ima grab a soda and come back and refresh
wowplayer43 (11:55:44 AM): k
Iwatchspaceballs (11:57:30 AM): still nothing =).
wowplayer43 (11:57:42 AM): argh
Iwatchspaceballs (11:58:13 AM): oh ya your not in the states huh
Iwatchspaceballs (11:58:23 AM): could take a bit longer i believe.
wowplayer43 (11:58:33 AM): oh
Iwatchspaceballs (11:58:34 AM): took me like 15minutes once to get money from a guy in France
wowplayer43 (11:58:43 AM): im from sweden
wowplayer43 (12:01:36 PM): so what do i do to change contact info, does it have to be through call?
wowplayer43 (12:01:40 PM): phone
wowplayer43 (12:01:45 PM): cant it be by email?
wowplayer43 (12:01:53 PM): gonna cost alot if im calling from swe
Iwatchspaceballs (12:02:06 PM): you only have to call to change phone number and email.
wowplayer43 (12:02:24 PM): cant u send a mail?
Iwatchspaceballs (12:02:46 PM): no they like to talk to you to ask you sqa and your name.
Iwatchspaceballs (12:03:12 PM): still nothing, can ya check the status on yer end.
wowplayer43 (12:03:37 PM): but, now when i've sent the money, and when u receive it u can change the pass and sqa :/
Iwatchspaceballs (12:04:00 PM): not really, cant change the SQA
wowplayer43 (12:04:08 PM): well the email
Iwatchspaceballs (12:04:20 PM): Or the email for like 90days
wowplayer43 (12:04:44 PM): how do u know its 90days?
Iwatchspaceballs (12:04:52 PM): they tell you on the phone
wowplayer43 (12:05:06 PM): so, u can change it afer 90 days?
wowplayer43 (12:05:14 PM): so u still have the chance of rippin' me off?
Iwatchspaceballs (12:05:37 PM): no, once the payment for the subscription changes you have to have that too so i wont have that information.
Iwatchspaceballs (12:06:00 PM): like the gamecard numbers or the credit card paying for the account.
wowplayer43 (12:06:23 PM): so is the gamecard number important? cuz i threw that away on my old acc
Iwatchspaceballs (12:06:55 PM): yes, they will demand that number to make changes. But only if its currently valid. old game cards dont matter.
wowplayer43 (12:07:15 PM): did they ask for u gamecard when u called em?
Iwatchspaceballs (12:07:32 PM): my credit card. I dont use gamecards, nowhere to buy em around here
wowplayer43 (12:07:46 PM): k
wowplayer43 (12:07:55 PM): kk u live in a farm or something ^^
Iwatchspaceballs (12:08:02 PM): i live on a lake
Iwatchspaceballs (12:08:09 PM): closest city is 75miles from here
wowplayer43 (12:08:09 PM):
wowplayer43 (12:08:16 PM): lol
Iwatchspaceballs (12:08:32 PM): on a map look for Clinton Missouri, i live on truman lake
Iwatchspaceballs (12:08:51 PM): we have a walmart lol but they do not sell gamecards. We have gamestop but they do not sell wow gamecards
Iwatchspaceballs (12:09:08 PM): and i never felt comfy with buying gamecards online.
Iwatchspaceballs (12:09:28 PM): Still nothing, you did send to [email protected] correct?
wowplayer43 (12:09:32 PM): yes
wowplayer43 (12:10:07 PM): but if u scroll up, u can see that u didnt mention "Credit card" when i asked what information that was provided
Iwatchspaceballs (12:11:00 PM): ya didnt think that part was important, they wont ask for it agian since i removed it
wowplayer43 (12:11:12 PM): k
wowplayer43 (12:11:38 PM): anything yet?
Iwatchspaceballs (12:11:48 PM): no
wowplayer43 (12:12:21 PM): i gonna contact paypal, it actually took 100$ from my dads acc, its about ~1000 swedish kroners
wowplayer43 (12:12:27 PM): kronor*
Iwatchspaceballs (12:12:44 PM): ya give em a call cuz i dont have anything yet.
wowplayer43 (12:13:07 PM): ok tryin to find their phone number
Iwatchspaceballs (12:14:23 PM): 1-402-935-2050
wowplayer43 (12:14:37 PM): k
Iwatchspaceballs (12:17:23 PM): lol i should have just sent you an invoice for it via paypal. woulda made it alot easier
wowplayer43 (12:17:46 PM): ye
wowplayer43 (12:17:51 PM): still nothing?
Iwatchspaceballs (12:17:58 PM): nope
Iwatchspaceballs (12:18:36 PM): ok your recent activity page does it say Completed on the status.
wowplayer43 (12:18:50 PM): yes something like that
Iwatchspaceballs (12:19:14 PM): something like that?
wowplayer43 (12:19:35 PM): yes :/
Iwatchspaceballs (12:20:21 PM): Ok, you calling paypal?
wowplayer43 (12:21:10 PM): yes im on hold
Iwatchspaceballs (12:21:41 PM): K
wowplayer43 (12:22:10 PM): gaah im gettin major lag
wowplayer43 signed off at 12:23:02 PM.
Iwatchspaceballs (12:41:02 PM): sorry man im having the account suspended. I hate scammers.

Previous message was not received by wowplayer43 because of error (12:41:02 PM): wowplayer43 is not available.

Iwatchspaceballs (12:41:19 PM): sorry man im having the account suspended. I hate scammers.

Previous message was not received by wowplayer43 because of error (12:41:19 PM): wowplayer43 is not available.

wowplayer43 (12:43:29 PM): mate
wowplayer43 (12:43:32 PM): i got DC
wowplayer43 (12:43:34 PM): i called em
wowplayer43 (12:43:43 PM): they said everything worked out just fine when it didnt
wowplayer43 (12:43:53 PM): i asked them if they could send back the money and they said no
wowplayer43 (12:44:01 PM): sure nothing in ur mail?
Iwatchspaceballs (12:44:10 PM): i got 0.00 in my paypal balance
wowplayer43 (12:44:37 PM): mate i swear i send em to ur mail, i checked every letter before i did it, i lost 100$
wowplayer43 (12:44:48 PM): paypal doesnt do a [censored] about this
wowplayer43 (12:44:52 PM): they dont even care
Iwatchspaceballs (12:45:13 PM): on the paypal screen is there a cancel button under action?
wowplayer43 (12:45:52 PM): no
Iwatchspaceballs (12:46:04 PM): click on details and give me the transaction number
wowplayer43 (12:46:53 PM): i got DC but i think it should be in the history or something
Iwatchspaceballs (12:47:08 PM): should be under recent activity.
Iwatchspaceballs (12:47:17 PM): wont go to history untill you put it there
Iwatchspaceballs (12:48:28 PM): its the 17 digit number. If you dont have one then the payment was never made.
wowplayer43 (12:50:26 PM): yes i gave it to the one from paypal
wowplayer43 (12:50:30 PM): but cant find it now
wowplayer43 (12:50:35 PM): wait
wowplayer43 (12:50:37 PM): here it is
wowplayer43 (12:50:57 PM): 342561231275397
Iwatchspaceballs (12:51:49 PM): not a vaild transaction number
wowplayer43 (12:51:57 PM): yes it is
Iwatchspaceballs (12:52:12 PM): says here
Iwatchspaceballs (12:52:29 PM): The following Transaction IDs are not valid:342561231275397
wowplayer43 (12:52:34 PM): :/
Iwatchspaceballs (12:53:20 PM): its an alph-numeric number. not just numbers
wowplayer43 (12:53:30 PM): :/
wowplayer43 (12:53:38 PM): in swe its like this
Iwatchspaceballs (12:55:15 PM): whats your paypal email. Ill just send you an invoice. I have to go in another 30minutes to take kids to dentist
wowplayer43 (12:55:46 PM): [email protected]
Iwatchspaceballs (12:56:56 PM): . . .
Iwatchspaceballs (12:57:04 PM): your not registered with paypal
wowplayer43 (12:57:40 PM): :/ yes i am
wowplayer43 (12:57:45 PM): omg dc
wowplayer43 signed off at 12:57:50 PM.
wowplayer43 (1:44:27 PM): mate
wowplayer43 (1:44:33 PM): whats going on :/?!?
wowplayer43 (1:45:09 PM): ??
wowplayer43 (1:45:46 PM): hello?
wowplayer43 (1:48:56 PM): u scammed me i knew it !!!
Iwatchspaceballs (1:51:29 PM): haha no, you tried to scam me. No paypal address, no transaction number. and you vanish for no reason. So i pulled out of the deal. You never sent payment and you never intended to. and 100usd is not 1000 sek its 722.
wowplayer43 (1:52:23 PM): 1 usd was about 10sek before but things changes ! AND I DID SEND 100USD !!
Iwatchspaceballs (1:55:02 PM): well not to [email protected] Sorry i called paypal and ask if anyone transaction were refused or pending for my account and they said no, so i backed out. Im sorry i dont feel comfortable dealing with you any longer.
wowplayer43 (1:55:23 PM): mate i dont care i want my [censored] money back
wowplayer43 (1:55:46 PM): seriously i did send the money!
wowplayer43 (1:55:59 PM): and it was TO [email protected]
wowplayer43 (1:56:07 PM): i know what i did
Iwatchspaceballs (1:56:28 PM): lol i dont have it, i can even send you a copy of my transaction history.
wowplayer43 (1:56:32 PM): and u said u couldnt change the pass, so basicly u scammed me !
Iwatchspaceballs (1:56:41 PM): i never got the payment.
wowplayer43 (1:56:42 PM): yes send me a copy plz
wowplayer43 (1:56:51 PM): well i lost 100 [censored] usd
wowplayer43 (1:57:05 PM): im so [censored] mad now i lose the account and 100usd
wowplayer43 (1:57:12 PM): i knew something like this would happen
Iwatchspaceballs (1:57:48 PM): not really, only happened because i didnt get paid. i buy and sell on ebay all the time, just look me up.
wowplayer43 (1:58:14 PM): so how the [censored] did u change my pass :/?=!
Iwatchspaceballs (1:58:32 PM): i had the account suspended untill further notice
wowplayer43 (1:59:12 PM): i payed 100usd i dont know if they came to u might be anything wrong at the [censored] paypal but i payed 100USD !!
wowplayer43 (1:59:36 PM): im so [censored] pissed now i cant even answer the [censored] phone!
Iwatchspaceballs (1:59:44 PM): i didnt get any thing. Im currently downloading my history to show u
wowplayer43 (2:00:03 PM): what if its a prob at paypal, why should i get punished?!
wowplayer43 (2:00:14 PM): i lost 100 [censored] USD and an account!
Iwatchspaceballs (2:01:22 PM): well you didnt lose the account. if for some strange reason the 100 comes in Super late then ill unlock it. As for the 100.00 i never got it even tho u sent it and the transaction number u gave me is not valid and the email you gave me is not a paypal member. Ok were can i send the history at?
wowplayer43 (2:01:51 PM): at aim ?
Iwatchspaceballs (2:02:15 PM): its a .gif ill try to send it via picture.
wowplayer43 (2:02:38 PM): .....
wowplayer43 (2:02:55 PM): i thought u were a good person until u scammed me !!
ATTENTION (2:04:33 PM): Direct IM session initiated. What is this?
Iwatchspaceballs (2:04:35 PM): lol i am a good person. good lord man im married with 4 kids. I got no reason to scam anyone.
Iwatchspaceballs (2:04:40 PM): there is the picture
wowplayer43 (2:04:53 PM): where :/?!
Iwatchspaceballs (2:05:06 PM): click on picture tab i put it in there
wowplayer43 (2:05:35 PM): this is my tabs on aim pro; IM-Voice-Video-Share-Files
Iwatchspaceballs (2:05:50 PM): i have text talk video pictures files
Iwatchspaceballs (2:06:01 PM): check shared
wowplayer43 (2:06:20 PM): share desktop?
wowplayer43 (2:06:28 PM): 'lol - never
wowplayer43 (2:06:39 PM): who knows u might hack my paypal acc too
Iwatchspaceballs (2:06:40 PM): share tab. not desktop. its a shared picture file u can see
wowplayer43 (2:07:12 PM): in the share tab there is a button (only one) that says "Start Sharing"
Iwatchspaceballs (2:07:32 PM): ahh u got a different set up then me. sec ill give you a link to view the picture.
wowplayer43 (2:07:40 PM): and over it there's a text that says "Share desktop with Iwatch bla bla bla..
Iwatchspaceballs (2:08:41 PM): uploading now
wowplayer43 (2:09:43 PM): ...
Iwatchspaceballs (2:10:16 PM): http://jealous-intentions.com/sham.html there i slapped it on there so u can see it.
wowplayer43 (2:11:24 PM): i recieved ur mail but im not going to be a fool and pay again
wowplayer43 (2:12:14 PM): Dear [email protected],Brian Tennal ([email protected]) would like to be paid through PayPal.
Money Request Details

Amount: $100.00 USD
Iwatchspaceballs (2:12:32 PM): yep i sent that.
Iwatchspaceballs (2:12:37 PM): cuz i never got paid the first time.
wowplayer43 (2:12:50 PM): well i lost 100 usd !!!!
wowplayer43 (2:13:06 PM): now my dad thinks im playing and having fun with those 100usd
wowplayer43 (2:13:12 PM): while some scammer scammed me with em!!
wowplayer43 (2:13:28 PM): now i gonna sit whole day tryin to get the money back or the account
wowplayer43 (2:13:36 PM): instead of being in naxx or something
wowplayer43 (2:16:16 PM): thank u for messing my life uo
wowplayer43 (2:16:20 PM): up
Iwatchspaceballs (2:16:26 PM): lol think what you will, i never got the money and i have my proof. But oh well, my goods are safe and sound. As for your 100.00 im seriously sorry you never sent it. And if you did then you would have given me a Real paypal email and transaction number to help solve the problem. But as you tried to scam me in this I had to result to being the [censored] and suspending the account. Well id like to say it was nice meeting you but that would be a lie. This conversation is over, i dont like the fact that i wasted my time on a 14 year old scammer. i cant afford to lose my account i need the money.


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Re: scammer UPDATED!

haha this just gets better.

He sends me an email, stating he has a screenshot from his paypal saying he sent payment, im like ok.

i look at it. yep sure does.

One, the guy lives in sweden.
His currency is all messed up from USD to AUD. ya no biggy.
2. His paypal name is Salil not important. ??really??
3. he says he just opened it. ok, his date at the top says July 4th through august 3rd.

you can tell he photo'd it. From the picture iposted proving toh im that the payment never came.