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crashzeroZZ: ?
KennySplits: i said dont IM me asking for server I hate that, If you want a certain server check ebay.com
crashzeroZZ: i have a 60 hunter and 60 priest same account
KennySplits: And you think I will trade?
crashzeroZZ: they are both tier 2 the hunter has some strikers
KennySplits: Sure
KennySplits: Can I see in-game?
crashzeroZZ: Bye
crashzeroZZ signed off at 1:11:59 PM.



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[12:27] wowdancer69: hey, are you interested in a paladin for your warrior?
[12:28] KennySplits: Can I see in-game? And are yoou gonna say bye?
[12:28] wowdancer69: http://wow.allakhazam.com/profile.html?761540
[12:28] wowdancer69: just updated it
[12:29] KennySplits: For my Warr sure
[12:29] wowdancer69: and the account has a 40 warrior on it lol
[12:29] KennySplits: Okay
[12:30] wowdancer69: ok so how we gonna do this?
[12:31] wowdancer69: oh and if we do trade the aim program im using keeps logs so if you do scam I can put on markee
[12:31] KennySplits: You give Info and stay on your wow.com info page so you i dont bump you
[12:33] wowdancer69: and then u do same?
[12:33] KennySplits: yeah
[12:35] wowdancer69: ok
[12:35] KennySplits: Whats info?
[12:35] wowdancer69: dont be gay and sign off right after
[12:35] KennySplits: My User is dansholy
[12:36] wowdancer69: my user is blackninja4ever
[12:36] wowdancer69: btw what server is the 60 on?
[12:36] wowdancer69: mine is on dunemaul
[12:37] KennySplits: Mine is Thunderhorn
[12:37] KennySplits: Your pass/
[12:37] wowdancer69: k give ur pass after pleas
[12:37] wowdancer69: my password is password01
[12:37] KennySplits: Are you Org Owner?
[12:37] wowdancer69: nope
[12:38] KennySplits: Can you tell me Org Owners AIM?
[12:38] wowdancer69: i have sq/a tho
[12:38] KennySplits: KennySplits: Can you tell me Org Owners AIM?
[12:39] wowdancer69: it is fetishforfatmen
[12:39] KennySplits: You kicked me
[12:39] wowdancer69: what are u talking about?
[12:39] KennySplits: You changed pass
[12:39] wowdancer69: no
[12:40] KennySplits: Ohh
[12:40] KennySplits: Okay
[12:40] KennySplits: Sorr
[12:40] wowdancer69: lol
[12:40] wowdancer69: so can i have pass now?
[12:40] KennySplits: killer4581
[12:41] wowdancer69: either the username or password doesnt work
[12:42] KennySplits: danshooly
[12:42] wowdancer69: ooh
[12:42] wowdancer69: nope
[12:43] KennySplits: OMFG You changed pass on me Your account does not work give me pass I was checking out Paladin
[12:43] wowdancer69: [censored]
[12:43] wowdancer69: i did no such thing
[12:43] wowdancer69: ur username or pass isnt working still
[12:44] KennySplits: I am trying also
[12:44] KennySplits: Sec
[12:46] KennySplits: Okay says Pass Invaild
[12:46] wowdancer69: dude stop playing me
[12:47] wowdancer69: u changed it on me now password wont work
[12:47] KennySplits: Okay sec, Gonna recall but I wabt yours also
[12:48] wowdancer69: [censored] recall your account?
[12:48] wowdancer69: or mine
[12:48] wowdancer69: so your trying to scam
[12:48] wowdancer69: wow [censored]
[12:48] KennySplits: No Calm don
[12:48] KennySplits: I am recalling mine
[12:48] KennySplits: You need to get says invaild thats whhy
[12:49] wowdancer69: I never changed my password from password01
[12:55] wowdancer69: alright man can u give me my account password back
[12:55] *** "KennySplits" signed off at Sat Jul 01 12:55:56 2006.

TradeMe105 MD-banned

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Scamer -.O also a noob offered me a warrior 2/8 might! 3/8 General for my 5/8 Tier 2 Warlock LOL!