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This guy just contacted me on aim around an hour ago claiming he was pwnpwn but wouldnt post or give me a PM to prove it.

Kendoor22: hey
Kendoor22: do u still ned power lvl 25-35?
L0rd Anthraxx: the thing is 33 now
Kendoor22: well u need it for 2 lvl's ? lol
L0rd Anthraxx: but i dont know if im gonna lvl him anymore i started a hunter
Kendoor22: ooo well for 2 levels its not even owrth paying for eh
Kendoor22: so yea
Kendoor22: well does ur hunter need pl?
L0rd Anthraxx: umm i dunno depends
L0rd Anthraxx: whats your markee name
Kendoor22: pwnpwn
L0rd Anthraxx: send me a PM
Kendoor22: naw
L0rd Anthraxx: why not
Kendoor22: to lazy
Kendoor22: :p
L0rd Anthraxx: ...
Kendoor22: i power leve;l up front
Kendoor22: is how i do it
L0rd Anthraxx: yeah but i need you to pm me so i can check feedback
Kendoor22: u think im a scammer?
L0rd Anthraxx: no i just want to see feedback........
Kendoor22: get all my info and [censored] with it all
Kendoor22: Looking for Epic Rogue/Shaman, or Chromaggus Horde*-- PwnPwn
L0rd Anthraxx: pm me so i can check feedback and know its really you
Kendoor22: one of my adds
Kendoor22: i got the shaman too
Kendoor22: :p
Kendoor22: warlord enhancement spec
Kendoor22: nice pvp blues
Kendoor22: on pvp server
L0rd Anthraxx: thats cool just send me a pm... you dont even have to put anything in it just fsdgfsf
Kendoor22 signed off at 4:03:55 PM.