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B0x432 (6:37:58 a.m.): Hey
B0x432 (6:38:02 a.m.): U had a wow acct 4 trde?
grover rox sox (7:13:19 a.m.): yes
B0x432 (7:13:27 a.m.): wat u got
grover rox sox (7:13:46 a.m.): 60 orc hunter from fire tree
B0x432 (7:13:55 a.m.): Gear?
grover rox sox (7:14:16 a.m.): http://wow.allakhazam.com/profile.html?942191
B0x432 (7:15:01 a.m.): Interested in a 60 Warrior?
grover rox sox (7:15:13 a.m.): ya!
B0x432 (7:15:30 a.m.): The Unstoppable Force, Don Julios Band, The Lobotomizer, Skullflame Shield, Frostbite(+15 str)
B0x432 (7:15:49 a.m.): Is curretny Dual wielding Frostbite on main hand and Lobotomizer on Off hand.
B0x432 (7:15:58 a.m.): Is dual wield fury spec
grover rox sox (7:16:02 a.m.): oh
B0x432 (7:16:24 a.m.): Has epic AV mount.
B0x432 (7:16:31 a.m.): Best +AP gear before MC/ZG
B0x432 (7:16:45 a.m.): Can respec to MS build and use UF
B0x432 (7:17:12 a.m.): Interested?
grover rox sox (7:17:39 a.m.): ya
B0x432 (7:17:46 a.m.): Alright.
B0x432 (7:17:52 a.m.): I'm interested in trading you too.
grover rox sox (7:18:20 a.m.): what server
B0x432 (7:18:24 a.m.): Tichondrius
B0x432 (7:18:43 a.m.): I've seen Kumaar ingame, so I dont find it necessary to see ingame.
B0x432 (7:19:29 a.m.): Would you like to see my Warrior ingame?
grover rox sox (7:21:05 a.m.): hm
B0x432 (7:24:25 a.m.): ??
grover rox sox (7:24:40 a.m.): how did you want to trade?
grover rox sox (7:24:46 a.m.): do you have your sqa ?
B0x432 (7:24:46 a.m.): MM pref..
B0x432 (7:24:57 a.m.): No, I dont. But the original owner is my RL friend.
B0x432 (7:25:38 a.m.): Or you go first..
grover rox sox (7:26:06 a.m.): meh
B0x432 (7:26:08 a.m.): I'd prefer going like this:
B0x432 (7:26:32 a.m.): 1. You give me ur acc name
2. Then I'll give u mine
3. Next you give me ur password
4. Finally, I'll give u mine.
B0x432 (7:26:49 a.m.): This gives us both time to enter our account names into the world of warcraft site
B0x432 (7:26:53 a.m.): and login screen
grover rox sox (7:26:56 a.m.): hehe flip 3 and 4 and u got a deal =)
B0x432 (7:27:05 a.m.): Hmm-.-
B0x432 (7:27:11 a.m.): Got any feedbacks on Markee?
grover rox sox (7:27:17 a.m.): nope
B0x432 (7:27:22 a.m.): I have 4 Postives.
B0x432 (7:27:30 a.m.): My way please.
B0x432 (7:27:48 a.m.): Or use a MM
B0x432 (7:28:30 a.m.): You got ur SQA right?
grover rox sox (7:28:36 a.m.): nope
B0x432 (7:28:42 a.m.): ....
B0x432 (7:28:51 a.m.): We'll use Cheazer as MM then
B0x432 (7:29:01 a.m.): k?
grover rox sox (7:29:29 a.m.): eh i don't trust cheazer
B0x432 (7:29:37 a.m.): Well.. can you go first then?
B0x432 (7:29:40 a.m.): My way please.
grover rox sox (7:29:50 a.m.): no, you contacted me heh
B0x432 (7:29:59 a.m.): Fine then..
B0x432 (7:30:05 a.m.): I'll go first.
grover rox sox (7:30:20 a.m.): my account name is : pmp
B0x432 (7:30:22 a.m.): But, if anything goes wrong. I'll ring up Blizzard and get both accounts banned.
B0x432 (7:30:31 a.m.): My account name is addictman
B0x432 (7:30:45 a.m.): my password is dennis4332
B0x432 (7:30:57 a.m.): Yours?
B0x432 (7:31:19 a.m.): Hello?
grover rox sox (7:31:23 a.m.): ya
B0x432 (7:31:29 a.m.): Ur password?
grover rox sox (7:31:37 a.m.): my pw is: eatadickscammergodieplzkthxbye
B0x432 (7:31:51 a.m.): ...
B0x432 (7:31:58 a.m.): Lol, are you that stupid?
B0x432 (7:32:10 a.m.): You do realise I can call Blizzard right now...
B0x432 (7:32:16 a.m.): W/e, just a sec.
B0x432 (7:32:38 a.m.): Lol, what a stupid move you made.
grover rox sox (7:32:59 a.m.): rofl
B0x432 (7:33:09 a.m.): Are you being serious?
B0x432 (7:33:41 a.m.): ROFL, www.ic3.gov/
B0x432 (7:34:24 a.m.): Take a look at that site.
B0x432 (7:34:36 a.m.): Thats the site I'll be visiting.
B0x432 (7:35:15 a.m.): You're sure that you're gonna scam me right?
grover rox sox (7:35:22 a.m.): lol
B0x432 (7:35:29 a.m.): No, seriously. Are you?
grover rox sox (7:35:46 a.m.): no no
grover rox sox (7:35:47 a.m.): not at all
grover rox sox (7:35:51 a.m.): let me change the pw back really fast
B0x432 (7:35:58 a.m.): ...
B0x432 (7:36:19 a.m.): What PW back.
B0x432 (7:36:21 a.m.): Mine?
grover rox sox (7:36:24 a.m.): ya
grover rox sox (7:36:26 a.m.): one min plz
B0x432 (7:36:30 a.m.): Why mine?
B0x432 (7:36:34 a.m.): We'rent we going to trade?
B0x432 (7:36:51 a.m.): And if anythings missing, I'll also ring Blizzard, get your account banned and get all my items back.
B0x432 (7:37:52 a.m.): Yeah, you better hurry up.
grover rox sox (7:37:57 a.m.): k
grover rox sox (7:38:04 a.m.): my account eh?
grover rox sox (7:38:16 a.m.): how do u even know i gave you my account name
B0x432 (7:38:21 a.m.): pmp
grover rox sox (7:38:23 a.m.): that's just some random account i used to have a long time ago
B0x432 (7:38:26 a.m.): No.
B0x432 (7:38:31 a.m.): Pmp is Kumaars acc name
B0x432 (7:38:34 a.m.): I had him once before.
grover rox sox (7:38:34 a.m.): sure sure
grover rox sox (7:38:40 a.m.): oh nice
B0x432 (7:38:48 a.m.): Yeah, I sggest you give my Warrior back.
B0x432 (7:39:21 a.m.): I'm posting on general WoW forums so all the GMS and EVERYONE can see what you did
B0x432 (7:39:25 a.m.): Kthx, ban time!
grover rox sox (7:39:29 a.m.): password is scammerdie1
grover rox sox (7:39:30 a.m.): glhf
B0x432 (7:40:42 a.m.): I'm posting on genaral wow forums.
B0x432 (7:40:48 a.m.): And I'm posting on Markee.
B0x432 (7:40:52 a.m.): And I'm ringing Blizzard
grover rox sox signed off at 7:40:57 a.m

Gave me wrong password, signed off.. scammer. do not trade him .


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By the way, people, the warrior B0x is talking about in this thread is on an acct that I traded him.

He doesn't know the owner in real life, and he also tried to claim that the warrior on the acct got recalled, deleted, and then MAGICALLY the pw on the acct was the same as it was before the recall

B0x = Badxo

Once a scammer, always a scammer, in this case...


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<font color="black">Yeah i messaged him earlier and he started with the usual mom/nerd/[censored]/old insults until he blocked me. And its funny how he tried to do the whole apolagy thing saying he was srry for scamming...he makes scammers look bad. </font>