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Not sure of this guys markee name but take a look

KoCbOy23: JjhannerJj
KoCbOy23: yo
JjHannerJj: Hello
KoCbOy23: you have a wow glider key for trade?
JjHannerJj: Yes , What do you have for trade?

KoCbOy23: intrested in a steam account?
JjHannerJj: Already got one
KoCbOy23: What you looking for in particuler?
JjHannerJj: WoW Gamecard
JjHannerJj: I need time for my account
KoCbOy23: hold on lemme search my brothers room I think he has a extra laying around somewhere ^^
JjHannerJj: lol okay
KoCbOy23: back yeah I found a 90 day card
JjHannerJj: not in use?
KoCbOy23: noh its a closed box
JjHannerJj: lets trade then
KoCbOy23: gar nvm its 60
KoCbOy23: day
JjHannerJj: thats okay
KoCbOy23: umm is the wow glider key in use?
JjHannerJj: no
KoCbOy23: Once you enter doesn't it vecome in use?
JjHannerJj: give me first 4 numbers ill give you first 4
JjHannerJj: yep
KoCbOy23: didn't you enter it?
JjHannerJj: no
JjHannerJj: anyways the same key can be used twice
JjHannerJj: they just cant be used at the same time
JjHannerJj: and i dont have glider anymore
JjHannerJj: give me first 4 numbers
JjHannerJj: ill give you first 4
JjHannerJj: You there..?
KoCbOy23: so you give first 4 then I give first 4?
JjHannerJj: yea
JjHannerJj: 1224
KoCbOy23: hold on lemme call my cousin he is way smarter
JjHannerJj: ?
JjHannerJj: Hows he going to help lol
JjHannerJj: Iam not going to scam you
JjHannerJj: I need a gamecard
JjHannerJj: You need a glider key
KoCbOy23: how do I register the glider key though
JjHannerJj: open glider
JjHannerJj: go to configure
JjHannerJj: it'll say product key
JjHannerJj: enter it there
JjHannerJj: itll say thank you for registering full version
KoCbOy23: ok
KoCbOy23: X5FG
JjHannerJj: 1224
KoCbOy23: you said that
JjHannerJj: yea
JjHannerJj: theres more numbers on a gamecard
JjHannerJj: so now your turn
JjHannerJj: ..
KoCbOy23: 5f2d sorry typing it
JjHannerJj: lol
KoCbOy23: its hard to read you know
JjHannerJj: 122484
JjHannerJj: is the number you should have so far
JjHannerJj: your turn
JjHannerJj: ive gave you half of the key =)
KoCbOy23: 5F5F
JjHannerJj: 12248403
JjHannerJj: your turn
KoCbOy23: i don't want to give the last one... im scared
JjHannerJj: its not the last one..
JjHannerJj: Theres 2 more
KoCbOy23: yeah
KoCbOy23: im saying the total last one
KoCbOy23: then ill go then youll log out
JjHannerJj: no lol
JjHannerJj: Iam not ruining my rep
KoCbOy23: 2FGQ
JjHannerJj: theres one more
JjHannerJj: after that
KoCbOy23: k
JjHannerJj: Isnt there?
KoCbOy23: it your turn though
JjHannerJj: 122484031
KoCbOy23: the gliderkey done?
JjHannerJj: no
JjHannerJj: waiting for last digits
JjHannerJj: then ill send you the whole glide key number
JjHannerJj: We are wasting alot of time here...
KoCbOy23: where do you have rep at
JjHannerJj: Iam not going to scam you
KoCbOy23: why can't it be the other way around then
JjHannerJj: I dont have a good or bad rep at Markee
JjHannerJj: But if i scam you ild have a bad one
JjHannerJj: Just give me the last digits
JjHannerJj: And ill give you the hole key
JjHannerJj: then we can laugh at why we are acting stupid
KoCbOy23: since gamecard costs more you go first
JjHannerJj: Because iam not gonna scam you =)
JjHannerJj: Iam not going first.
JjHannerJj: Just give me the last digits or iam going to consider you a scammer.
JjHannerJj: Iam not going to scam you
JjHannerJj: That i swear on
KoCbOy23: im considering you a scammer
JjHannerJj: Well lets find out when you give me the last key
JjHannerJj: 1224840313
JjHannerJj: Theres a few digits after that
JjHannerJj: Ill add them when you tell me the last code
JjHannerJj: Today.. lol
KoCbOy23: well shou;dn't it be the other way around
KoCbOy23: since gamecards cost more
JjHannerJj: No
KoCbOy23: why not
JjHannerJj: Your the one who sent me a instant message/
KoCbOy23: so
JjHannerJj: Just give me the last digits
KoCbOy23: but i have rep
JjHannerJj: We can just forget it
JjHannerJj: Since you think iam going to scam
JjHannerJj: Unless your giving me a fake number..
KoCbOy23: you are trying to scam me aren't you
JjHannerJj: No.
JjHannerJj: I have the key sitting right infront of me
JjHannerJj: Waiting on you to give me the digits
JjHannerJj: Ill give you the key
JjHannerJj: We'll both be happy
KoCbOy23: wellim saying this because my cousin is saying
KoCbOy23: that since i have the more expensive good you should go first
JjHannerJj: Well who cares what your cousin is saying iam not gonna scam you
KoCbOy23: how do I know
JjHannerJj: I guess theres only one way
JjHannerJj: Give me the last digits
JjHannerJj: And youll see that iam no scammer
KoCbOy23: wtf
KoCbOy23: and then there is a chance
JjHannerJj: same with you
JjHannerJj: I cant trust you anymore then you trust me
JjHannerJj: But this i gurantee if you dont hurry up iam logging off because i dont have all night
JjHannerJj: Lets hurry this up already
JjHannerJj: Iam going to sleep soon.
JjHannerJj: 1224840313
JjHannerJj: Now you go
KoCbOy23: you said that
JjHannerJj: Theres more digits to add to that.
JjHannerJj: Yea
KoCbOy23: yea
JjHannerJj: I know
JjHannerJj: Iam waiting on you
JjHannerJj: You have 10 secounds
KoCbOy23: well your gonna scam me
JjHannerJj: Or iam logging off
JjHannerJj: NO IAM NOT!!!
KoCbOy23: well then lets switch the order
JjHannerJj: No.
KoCbOy23: why not
JjHannerJj: Either give me the last digits. Or ill post this on Markee.
KoCbOy23: I am not gonna scam you
JjHannerJj: How do i know that?
KoCbOy23: go ahead...
JjHannerJj: Just as if you trust me
KoCbOy23: you could trust me
JjHannerJj: you could trust me
KoCbOy23: yea
KoCbOy23: so then why can't we switch it
JjHannerJj: How about
JjHannerJj: Both at the same tiem
JjHannerJj: on 3
JjHannerJj: Iam not going to argue with you all night. Whether you trust me or not iam not going to scam you and iam about to go to bed.
KoCbOy23: k
JjHannerJj: So lets get this overwith.
JjHannerJj: If you woudlve gave me the last digits 10 mins ago
JjHannerJj: we couldve been done
KoCbOy23: lets do it on 3
JjHannerJj: mk
JjHannerJj: 1
KoCbOy23: whoever doesn't post the code then will be a scammer
JjHannerJj: and if the code is wrong
JjHannerJj: Ill contact Blizzard
JjHannerJj: And the police and lie and saiy you stole money from me
JjHannerJj: using some hack for paypal
JjHannerJj: So lets go on 3
JjHannerJj: 1
KoCbOy23: k ill contact you to glider
JjHannerJj: Iam not lieing though =)
JjHannerJj: 1
KoCbOy23: =)
JjHannerJj: 2
JjHannerJj: 3
JjHannerJj: What happened to on 3.
KoCbOy23: same with you
JjHannerJj: Go ahead and have it typed in
KoCbOy23: I did
JjHannerJj: on 3 we press enter
JjHannerJj: no you didnt
KoCbOy23: yes I did
JjHannerJj: i can tell when you do
JjHannerJj: Because aim says so
KoCbOy23: yea
KoCbOy23: I know
JjHannerJj: on 3
JjHannerJj: 1
KoCbOy23: and I had it typed buddy
JjHannerJj: 2
JjHannerJj: 3
JjHannerJj: 12248403135
JjHannerJj: See
KoCbOy23: z5g4
JjHannerJj: Your a scammer
JjHannerJj: Now see
KoCbOy23: lol
KoCbOy23: you scammer
JjHannerJj: Its a good thing i didnt tell you the right one
JjHannerJj: Because you lied to me =)
KoCbOy23: same here
JjHannerJj: LOL
KoCbOy23: i knew it cause i already tried it
KoCbOy23: nice try
KoCbOy23: im posting this
JjHannerJj: You told me false information you
JjHannerJj: moron
JjHannerJj: You tryed to scam me lol
JjHannerJj: So go ahead and post
JjHannerJj: Ive already traded 3 glider keys today
JjHannerJj: I knew you was lieing right off the bat
JjHannerJj: What kind of moron says
JjHannerJj: Let me go check my brothers room
KoCbOy23 signed off at 8:17:56 PM.


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KoCbOy23: hold on lemme call my cousin he is way smarter