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WoWtrader123456 is a scammer he took my druid but i had original owner recall it DO NOT TRADE WITH HIM!

JPimpin347: dude did u change my pass?
WoWTrader123456: no
WoWTrader123456: I couldnt log on
JPimpin347: ...
WoWTrader123456: what was it?
JPimpin347: i cant either
JPimpin347: wowtrade9000
WoWTrader123456: are you serious??
WoWTrader123456: let me try
JPimpin347: plz can i have it back dont scam... ER omfg.
JPimpin347: i cant recall or nothing
JPimpin347: wow
WoWTrader123456: I cant log on
WoWTrader123456: I sware
WoWTrader123456: holy crap
WoWTrader123456: I cant log on mine either
JPimpin347: :'(plz it was hard to get that..
WoWTrader123456: and I cant recal...
WoWTrader123456: Why'd you steal my account?
JPimpin347: man i know u took.
WoWTrader123456: I can't log on
JPimpin347: LOL
WoWTrader123456: I know you took mine
WoWTrader123456: Holy [censored]
WoWTrader123456: trade123 doesnt work on mine
JPimpin347: pretty low dude...
WoWTrader123456: did you type something wrong when you changed the pass
WoWTrader123456: your [censored] low
WoWTrader123456: blaming me when you scam me?
WoWTrader123456: Holy [censored]
JPimpin347: your horrible lier..
WoWTrader123456: how do I know your not lieing?
WoWTrader123456: Your the bad liar
JPimpin347: right dude ill have the original owner recall the account for me
JPimpin347: bad scam dude
WoWTrader123456: I'm having my account recalled also
WoWTrader123456: [censored]
WoWTrader123456: [censored] scammer
WoWTrader123456: seriously...
WoWTrader123456: you took my god damn account
JPimpin347: your so bad at lieing dude.


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