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jd83 -banned

BANNED - Do not buy, sell or trade with this user.
Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
I'm just going to repost what I had in my previous thread for assistance to anybody that comes across these people.

Don't trade with anybody dealing with the Warrior Veilose on Destromath. He attempted to do a trade with me. The first person that he wanted to use as a middleman was EternalDragon. Some guy msg'd me on AIM with a screenname that was the same as EternalDragon's email, but I wasn't positive. So I msg'd EternalDragon through Markee and waited for a response. The person on Aim said he send the message, but it never came. In the mean time I got two responses from Noobian, so I decided just to use him. Once we get Noobian involved, this guy tells Noobian that he already gave me the SQ/SA. If that was true, why the hell would I need a middleman? Big slip up there Noobian, I'm sorry. I know you are a trustworthy person, or I wouldn't have gone to you, but seriously. Noobian doesnt even confirm this with me. Just asks for my info so he can confirm my SQ/SA. So I give it to him and wait. And I wait and nothing comes.

While I am on the Warrior I get booted. So I try to log in to no avail. Then I try to recall my account, again to no avail. I have to call Blizzard and have them fix everything. I have to send in my ID in order for them to verify everything.

Then the guy says that he never changed anything, but I have proof saying otherwise. When I called Blizzard, one of the questions that they asked me was when the last time I had called in for anything was. Seeing as I had never had an issue with my account, I had never called them before. To my surprise(not really though) I was told that somebody called in about 5 minutes prior. So they put an immediate freeze on the account.

I only hope that the guy didn't actually do anything to the account because that's just going to be more work for me. Sending Blizz Screenshots of my gear and whatnot.

Anyways, rogue still up for trade, if you talk to me and I'm the most paranoid trader you've ever met, oh well.

Don't deal with this guy at all unless you feel like putting your account at risk.

To all middlemen out there, please verify all information before you give anything to the parties involved.

Here is the link to the IM Window that I c/p and hosted.


Also, this is an excerpt from my file, in defense of me and showing that Savage and Holiday must be working together and that there is no way that I am Savage.

"Holiday Ng (3:01:30 PM): eternal is on
Holiday Ng (3:01:33 PM): just give him a sec
Holiday Ng (3:03:53 PM): kk
Holiday Ng (3:03:57 PM): send him an aim
jdolbeer1983 (3:04:44 PM): what's his screenname
Holiday Ng (3:05:03 PM): savagemaxd1
Holiday Ng (3:08:12 PM): i gave him all my info... just waiting on you"