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Shoottherunnerz: adrtin wow?
Trivium182: what
Trivium182: and anyway
Trivium182: your a scammer
Trivium182: gfto
Shoottherunnerz: lol
Trivium182: keep it down x
Trivium182: you scammed him
Trivium182: [censored]
Shoottherunnerz: lol
Shoottherunnerz: that wasnt a scam
Trivium182: ok what was it
Trivium182: ?
Trivium182: huh?
Shoottherunnerz: it was a take for less than a day
Trivium182: ok?

Shoottherunnerz: a scam is wen i own u
Shoottherunnerz: for life
Trivium182: no
Shoottherunnerz: like the full tier 2 hunter i got
Shoottherunnerz: or the full tier 2 rogue
Trivium182: your just to much a [censored] to scam someone
Shoottherunnerz: or the full 2.5 war
Trivium182: w/e dude
Shoottherunnerz: or the full tier 2 mage
Trivium182: well thats awesome
Trivium182: thanks
Shoottherunnerz: or the full feral aq 40 druid
Shoottherunnerz: those are scams
Trivium182: ok goodjob?
Shoottherunnerz signed off at 3:49:40 PM.
you tell me