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Scammer WakeBoardr4lif


BANNED - Do not buy, sell or trade with this user.
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Multiple Accounts
WakeBoardr4lif: hey buddy
WakeBoardr4lif: u got a WoW account
aimfortheheadFTW: what gear
WakeBoardr4lif: i dono i have alot of them
WakeBoardr4lif: so what are u looking for
aimfortheheadFTW: pally
WakeBoardr4lif: my mom says i can trade my pally
WakeBoardr4lif: hes on kargath pvp
aimfortheheadFTW: what gear
WakeBoardr4lif: tier1
aimfortheheadFTW: what sex and race
WakeBoardr4lif: Human
WakeBoardr4lif: male
aimfortheheadFTW: can i see ingame
WakeBoardr4lif: my dads on the comp that runs WoW
WakeBoardr4lif: what do u have
WakeBoardr4lif: what account
WakeBoardr4lif: yello
aimfortheheadFTW: i have a rogue and warrior
WakeBoardr4lif: what u want for my account
aimfortheheadFTW: either
WakeBoardr4lif: are they on seperate accounts?
aimfortheheadFTW: yes
WakeBoardr4lif: rouge
WakeBoardr4lif: ill take the rouge
aimfortheheadFTW: alright is ur xfer up?
WakeBoardr4lif: as a matter of fact is it
WakeBoardr4lif: cost 25 bucks though
aimfortheheadFTW: ive been saving
WakeBoardr4lif: o ok
aimfortheheadFTW: tell me when i can see inga
aimfortheheadFTW: me
WakeBoardr4lif: do u really need too
WakeBoardr4lif: lol
aimfortheheadFTW: can i log on it to check it out then?
WakeBoardr4lif: o yea! ofcourse
WakeBoardr4lif: get my [censored] scammed
WakeBoardr4lif: i dont [censored] around
aimfortheheadFTW: i wont
WakeBoardr4lif: lol
WakeBoardr4lif: let me see urs
WakeBoardr4lif: ill give u phone number
aimfortheheadFTW: ok whats the info
WakeBoardr4lif: let me see urs
aimfortheheadFTW: k mage a gnome on blackrockl
WakeBoardr4lif: let me check ur char on ur account
WakeBoardr4lif: my moms watching
aimfortheheadFTW: yeah after i go on urs i will
WakeBoardr4lif: lol
aimfortheheadFTW: so are u gonna show me or what?
WakeBoardr4lif: over my dead body
aimfortheheadFTW: lol ur such a scammer
WakeBoardr4lif: no im not
WakeBoardr4lif: ur the scammer
aimfortheheadFTW: lol u said u couldent showigame, so i asked to log on ur char to see him. i offered to show you my char ingame. you then said i couldent log onto ur account and u wanted to see mine first....anyone who cant showingame is bullshitting you
aimfortheheadFTW: show me you char ingame if ur no scamming and ill show u mine
WakeBoardr4lif: leave me alone
WakeBoardr4lif signed off at 2:03:02 PM.