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SCAMMER. UGH. AIM - Fed88311


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this is after he signed off when i let him play on my shaman acct that i was selling to him.

fred88311: lol
Kirosuke8080: scared me
fred88311: :p
Kirosuke8080: You changed the pass?
fred88311: of the shaman?
Kirosuke8080: yeah
fred88311: yeah wel u cahnged the mage pass didnt u?
fred88311: well*
Kirosuke8080: no
fred88311: changed*
fred88311: hmm
Kirosuke8080: lol.
Kirosuke8080: :)
Kirosuke8080: I didnt
fred88311: is the mage account working?
Kirosuke8080: Dewyn
Kirosuke8080: *passhere*
fred88311: did u play the mage?
fred88311: oh yeah
Kirosuke8080: Yeha for like 1 sec
fred88311: yeah
Kirosuke8080: Okay um
Kirosuke8080: As long as i get paid im okay with it
Kirosuke8080: DONT GO ANYWHERe *cry*
fred88311: lol i wont
fred88311 signed off at 1:57:30 PM.
fred88311 signed on at 1:58:02 PM.
Kirosuke8080: OMGGGGGGGGG
fred88311: damnit lol
Kirosuke8080: I'm dying here, kid
fred88311: my internet
fred88311: lol
fred88311: lmao dont worry
fred88311 signed off at 2:00:04 PM.

And thats the last i have seen of him. Ugh. I need that acct back.


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Agree;d totally is a scammer, this is part of a convo i had with him, ADMITTING hes a scammer,

Freed88311:lol i know am a scammer BUT i wont scam u
Me:how can i be sure...
me:you changed my password, and i didnt even get paid

After this fred went offline,

He is a scammer, and if someone could possible get my Warlock back, It was be very appricated!


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HAHA that noob just tried to talk to me, he's so busted.. I should have kept he AIM log so everyone could have a good laugh. He went form I am very trustworthy to me asking for his phone and IP to him getting all upset saying I'm a 12 year old soemthing.... I don't recall it's not worth the energy to even repeat. BUSTED

BUSTED scammer fred88311 Welcome to the markee Blacklist!