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GG just got scammed out of 113 dollars by him
outterpheonix: and did u want me to call blizzard?
outterpheonix: to change email and phone?
te evil hamster6: its fine
outterpheonix: k
te evil hamster6: whats account info?
outterpheonix: well waiting for these guys to tell me its being sent.
outterpheonix: then ill give u sn sqa cd keys etc
outterpheonix: OH
outterpheonix: forgot
outterpheonix: did u want me to mail you the box book and cd keys?
te evil hamster6: nah
te evil hamster6: maybe anothertime
outterpheonix: ok cool
outterpheonix: cuz
te evil hamster6: if i ask for them sure but atm no
outterpheonix: sometimes when u try to recover they want you to photocopy em
outterpheonix: but thats like, when you forget about the account
outterpheonix: and try to recover it years later lol
te evil hamster6: lol
outterpheonix: so your Joanne?
te evil hamster6: yup
outterpheonix: awsome
outterpheonix: how long you been playing wow?
te evil hamster6: since it came out
outterpheonix: nice me 2
outterpheonix: how old are you if you dont mind me asking?
te evil hamster6: no need to know
outterpheonix: its alright.
te evil hamster6: hey what were u trading/selling again?
te evil hamster6: priest right?
outterpheonix: yeah.
outterpheonix: lvl 60 priest 12+ epics and a lvl 60 undead same server. same account
outterpheonix: undead mage*
outterpheonix: err
te evil hamster6: oh [censored] two 60s prob dont want my 1 60 then lol
te evil hamster6: sorry
outterpheonix: sorry same sorry wrong
outterpheonix: 2 servers
outterpheonix: why whats up?
te evil hamster6: 12 epics
te evil hamster6: against my like 3 or 4
outterpheonix: what u have?
te evil hamster6: 60 orc warrior
outterpheonix: stats?
te evil hamster6: like strength and stamina?
outterpheonix: gear and all
te evil hamster6: lemme go check for stats
te evil hamster6: gear is
outterpheonix: well
outterpheonix: dont worry about str and all
outterpheonix: meant like gear anbd guild and time left
te evil hamster6: oh
te evil hamster6: well hes in a zg/mc guild
outterpheonix: k cool
outterpheonix: server?
te evil hamster6: garona
outterpheonix: pvp?
te evil hamster6: has lionheart helm, arcanite reaper, axe of the deep woods,draconian deflector,chest and shoulders of valor,stronghold gauntlets, has blood guard boots and rest blues. also has epic mount

te evil hamster6: PVE : (
outterpheonix: can u do wow gold also?
te evil hamster6: what?
outterpheonix: buy wow gold.
te evil hamster6: depends how much
outterpheonix: hm
te evil hamster6: sorry i cant find your thread what race/server is your people on
outterpheonix: its fine
outterpheonix: here ill type it
outterpheonix: lvl 60 human preist ( shadow preist). 12+ Epics, Epic mount, 261 enchanting etc. lvl 24 alt mage same server on Tichondrious high pop pvp.
outterpheonix: MC/Raid guild
outterpheonix: has ALL the jeys to go raiding.
outterpheonix: keys*
te evil hamster6: and my warrior is keyed for ony
outterpheonix: cool
outterpheonix: ya and account paid for 3 months
te evil hamster6: mine is for like 25 days or so
outterpheonix: http://ezgaming.com/product.php?gid=21&sid=368
outterpheonix: im more intersted in the wow gold really.
outterpheonix: i have the sqa and cd keys
outterpheonix: so you can call blizz today and change the info
outterpheonix: so thats good.
te evil hamster6: ah....
te evil hamster6: i dont have SQ
te evil hamster6: but i have cd key
te evil hamster6: i bought this account
te evil hamster6: been mine for 3 months
outterpheonix: k.
outterpheonix: well id like the 1000 gold on my server.
outterpheonix: and you can keep your account.
outterpheonix: so you can have more than 1 60
te evil hamster6: ohh
outterpheonix: yeah they delivery fast and very cheap
outterpheonix: reliable
te evil hamster6: ok
te evil hamster6: so deliver to who?
outterpheonix: TheDarkOmen
outterpheonix: Mannoroth Horde
outterpheonix: time Eastern 18:35
outterpheonix: pm
outterpheonix: for them to deliver
outterpheonix: email
outterpheonix: [email protected]
te evil hamster6: do they know its horde
outterpheonix: did u click on my link?
te evil hamster6: because it doesnt have a horde button
te evil hamster6: yeah
outterpheonix: World of Warcraft (US)
Server (Mannoroth US)
outterpheonix: ya
outterpheonix: i clicked horde
te evil hamster6: okay just makin sure
outterpheonix: k
te evil hamster6: whats ur name on makree
te evil hamster6: markee
te evil hamster6: *
te evil hamster6: and ill brb
outterpheonix: thexlegend
outterpheonix: here ill link ya
te evil hamster6: im liladd
outterpheonix: k cool
outterpheonix: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/126913/an/0/page/0#126913
outterpheonix: hey you there?
te evil hamster6: yeah but people are accusing you of scamming....dunno if its true but w/e im just thinkin
outterpheonix: no that resident_evil took my account
outterpheonix: had to talk to mods to recover it.
outterpheonix: and i havent showed you priest lol
outterpheonix: make a gnome on tichondrious
te evil hamster6: ok
outterpheonix: invite lifeline
outterpheonix: kk
outterpheonix: got all my chars info?
outterpheonix: or did you need it again?
te evil hamster6: no
te evil hamster6: i got it
outterpheonix: k cool
te evil hamster6: it says delivery date 1-7-2006
te evil hamster6: but i typed in what u said
outterpheonix: ok you should get an email confirmation
outterpheonix: did u tell em mines?
te evil hamster6: ur email?
outterpheonix: yeah.
te evil hamster6: yup
outterpheonix: for them to send reciept
te evil hamster6: i didnt type in mine
outterpheonix: which email?
te evil hamster6: [email protected]
te evil hamster6: is thAT right?
outterpheonix: yeah.
outterpheonix: hey
outterpheonix: do me a quick favor
outterpheonix: go to where it says it was purchased and all that
outterpheonix: and hit print screen
outterpheonix: then go to paint and paste
outterpheonix: then send to my email
outterpheonix: to make this go quicker
outterpheonix: i havent gotten anything yet
te evil hamster6: [censored]
te evil hamster6: prob cuz i havnt payed it yet
te evil hamster6: lol
outterpheonix: oh haha
te evil hamster6: i was just asking if the email was right
outterpheonix: i see
te evil hamster6: k sent
outterpheonix: so it got paid?
te evil hamster6: yes
outterpheonix: did you pay with a CC or with your paypal?
te evil hamster6: paypal
outterpheonix: k check that email
outterpheonix: think they send it to that email
outterpheonix: and forward it to mines if it is
outterpheonix: wait
outterpheonix: nm
outterpheonix: got it
te evil hamster6: it sent it to [email protected]
te evil hamster6: ok
te evil hamster6: cool
outterpheonix: Dear JoAnne **erased my last name**

Thanks very much for your purchase of $113.30 on the World of Warcraft (US) - Mannoroth US - Horde server. The current time for this email is 4:06 PM Pacific Time on 6/30/2006.
outterpheonix: kk sec
outterpheonix: lemme go to chat and tell em how long is wait time

outterpheonix: im always curious hehe
te evil hamster6: so what are you doing again?
outterpheonix: in chat. its friday, no wonder im still waiting in line
outterpheonix: going to ask them hey
outterpheonix: how long is wait time?
outterpheonix: and once they tell me and say how long. and it will be sent out
outterpheonix: ill go ahead and give you all the info for the account
te evil hamster6: why not just now?
outterpheonix: because the order can always get cancled
outterpheonix: its what scammers do to ripp good people like us.
outterpheonix: and rather then making you wait until i recieve gold, i just want confirmation from them telling me its being semnt.
outterpheonix: sent* thats all.
outterpheonix: The next available Agent will be with you in a moment.
You are currently at position number 14 in the queue.
outterpheonix: my advise
outterpheonix: is to call blizzard now
outterpheonix: your always on hold for like
outterpheonix: 45 mins
outterpheonix: and its friday..so yeah
te evil hamster6: yeah i know
outterpheonix: alright good
te evil hamster6: what position in the queue are you
outterpheonix: 12 now
outterpheonix: started at 20
outterpheonix: You are currently at position number 12 in the queue.
An agent will be with you in a moment. Thank you for your patience
te evil hamster6: what are you now
te evil hamster6: are u at now*
outterpheonix: 7
outterpheonix: woot
outterpheonix: You are currently at position number 7 in the queue.
The next available Agent will be with you in a moment.
You are currently at position number 7 in the queue.
All agents are currently busy. Please stand by.
outterpheonix: when i was at 15
outterpheonix: i was 15 for like 10 mins
outterpheonix: must of been a bad customer haha
te evil hamster6: what number u at noww
outterpheonix: 5
outterpheonix: almost there
te evil hamster6: i enetered the que after u you and i xed out at 2
outterpheonix: your 2??
outterpheonix: your kidding right?
te evil hamster6: was
te evil hamster6: then i xed out
outterpheonix: k
outterpheonix: your lucky
te evil hamster6: so im getting the 60 priest and 60 warrior right?
outterpheonix: k #2 now
outterpheonix: 60 priest 60 mage
te evil hamster6: oh yeah
te evil hamster6: keep forgetting its mage lol
outterpheonix: best combo if you ask me
outterpheonix: mage = ownage..preist = ownage..group wanted always..
outterpheonix: etc
te evil hamster6: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/126913/an/0/page/0#126913 whyd u link me to some guild wars thing lol
outterpheonix: well to show you my name and all lol
te evil hamster6: oh
te evil hamster6: u get it yet?
outterpheonix: pos 2
outterpheonix: about to
te evil hamster6: check your priest
te evil hamster6: i mean
te evil hamster6: your other char
te evil hamster6: see if u got it
outterpheonix: ..? what u man?
outterpheonix: mean*
te evil hamster6: gold
outterpheonix: ok sec
outterpheonix: arg, well bro i defently want to trade. so beforei go through the 1 hour install i need to know if your going first.
outterpheonix: but i do promise im not out to get you.
outterpheonix: i just want to sit back and play ffxi n my xbox 360 on HDTV
outterpheonix: this dude
outterpheonix: has 0 feedback
outterpheonix: i got 10
outterpheonix: and doesnt wanna trade my ffxi account lol
outterpheonix: sorry mis tells ^^
te evil hamster6: [censored]
outterpheonix: hey
te evil hamster6: lol
outterpheonix: wanna see the mage?
outterpheonix: since we waiting
outterpheonix: or no?
te evil hamster6: your still at 2?
outterpheonix: yeah
outterpheonix: the #1 guy is giving em [censored] i can tell
te evil hamster6: how did i get in so fast then?
outterpheonix: dunno
outterpheonix: thats why im like [censored]??
outterpheonix: hey
outterpheonix: to which char did u tell them to mail it to?
te evil hamster6: the one u told me to
outterpheonix: ok
te evil hamster6: did u get it?
outterpheonix: talking to em now
outterpheonix: sec
te evil hamster6: .....?
outterpheonix: ok they saying its a long list
outterpheonix: and he is checking right now
outterpheonix: to see if its being deliverd
outterpheonix: if he says so
outterpheonix: is a done deal
outterpheonix: hey
outterpheonix: the char name
outterpheonix: did you put in TheDarkOmen?
te evil hamster6: yup
te evil hamster6: copied and pasted
outterpheonix: they said its been sent..
outterpheonix: Dear JoAnne,We just wanted to write to say thank you for choosing EZgaming.So "Thank you", we hope you enjoy your online purchase and more importantly we wish you the best of luck in your gaming experiences.If there is anything we can do to better assist you please do not hesitate to come and chat to the team by following the "LiveHelp" button at
Best regards,

outterpheonix: havent gotten [censored]
outterpheonix: he said
outterpheonix: after all that waiting
outterpheonix: its been sent out 10 mins ago
outterpheonix: and i log in and nothing.
outterpheonix: sec gonna get this fixed now.
outterpheonix: omg
outterpheonix: ok screw this
outterpheonix: i just cancled the order
outterpheonix: this took forever
outterpheonix: we going to a cheaper site. and faster
outterpheonix: once u order u will get sn sqa cd keys all that instant.
outterpheonix: since u waited so long
outterpheonix: sec
te evil hamster6: whered my money go...
outterpheonix: they refunding it
outterpheonix: takes 24 hours.
outterpheonix: i cancled it
outterpheonix: they said
outterpheonix: i needed to wait 24 hours to do this case and blah blah
outterpheonix: i said no cancel it
outterpheonix: i dont have time for this
outterpheonix: so they did
outterpheonix: http://ige.com/wowus/gold/mannorothus/horde/worldofwarcraftus_en.html
outterpheonix: those guys deliver fast
outterpheonix: ARg wait
te evil hamster6: im not ordering another one till i get my money
outterpheonix: ok
outterpheonix: so u wanna wait till tomorrow?
te evil hamster6: yes
outterpheonix: ok fine
outterpheonix: btw
outterpheonix: look
te evil hamster6: are u sure u cancelled?
outterpheonix: http://www.swagvault.com/world-of-warcraft-usa-mannoroth-horde-c-145_201.html
outterpheonix: 83 bucks for 1000gold
outterpheonix: saves u over 30 bucks
outterpheonix: i can do that
outterpheonix: yes
outterpheonix: 24 hours so tomorrow
te evil hamster6: how can you cancel if they already sent?
outterpheonix: they didnt
outterpheonix: they had order # wrong
outterpheonix: they said
outterpheonix: wait time was over 3 hours
outterpheonix: i said UH no
outterpheonix: cancel it
outterpheonix: but good news
outterpheonix: is your getting it for 83 bucks tomorrow
outterpheonix: saves u alot of cash
te evil hamster6: I sincerely apologize for the delays you have been experiencing. This is due to an extremely high level of orders we have been currently receiving. We are using all available resources to process and deliver your order as soon as possible, though we cannot give you an exact timeframe. If you have waited more than 3 days or 72 hours for delivery – we will add an additional 10% extra currency to the original order amount.
te evil hamster6: Please wait for email confirmation of the progress of your order. To ensure I have the correct email address used to place the order, please type it into the chat box. Do not reply to the email you will receive. If you would like a refund - please stay in live chat. If your inquiry is NOT about delayed delivery/waiting for delivery - please stay in live chat. I will try to respond to you as soon as I can. Thank you for your patience and my apologies for the poor service you have experienced.
outterpheonix: exactly and?
outterpheonix: they said 3 hours
outterpheonix: hey brb
te evil hamster6: what level is your char
outterpheonix: lvl 60
te evil hamster6: what u need 1000 gold for
outterpheonix: ??
outterpheonix: for crafting
outterpheonix: why you ask?
te evil hamster6: j/w
te evil hamster6: what class is the omen dude
outterpheonix: hes a warlock
te evil hamster6: never played 60 warlock they fun?
te evil hamster6: well actually played one on test realm but i played it for like 2 mins lol
te evil hamster6: didnt have time for BGS
outterpheonix: yes
outterpheonix: they own
outterpheonix: BUT
outterpheonix: only and mainly because of felhunter very GOOD dots
outterpheonix: and fear
outterpheonix: take on of those out
outterpheonix: they dead
outterpheonix: like with a mage
outterpheonix: i can own a lock in SECONDS
outterpheonix: maybe less
outterpheonix: if one of those were out
outterpheonix: if anything
outterpheonix: take out felhunter
outterpheonix: and the lock is dead
outterpheonix: lol
outterpheonix: there isa chance i might die after i kill him
outterpheonix: cuz of dot
te evil hamster6: TheDarkOmen 60 warlock. cool name
te evil hamster6: for warlock
outterpheonix: yep
outterpheonix: you know what Darkomen means?
outterpheonix: something VERY VERY VERY Evil. very bad luck.
outterpheonix: basically lucifer hahaha
outterpheonix: great name for a lock huh?
te evil hamster6: lol cool that thedarkomen is level 7
outterpheonix: thedarkomen?
te evil hamster6: yup
outterpheonix: mannoroth allaince?
te evil hamster6: horde
outterpheonix: who says its horde?
te evil hamster6: outterpheonix: World of Warcraft (US)
Server (Mannoroth US)
outterpheonix: ya
outterpheonix: i clicked horde
te evil hamster6: you did
outterpheonix: no that was link before allaince
outterpheonix: its human warlock allaince
outterpheonix: [censored]???
te evil hamster6: you said
te evil hamster6: send 1000 gold
te evil hamster6: to
te evil hamster6: thedarkomen
te evil hamster6: horde
te evil hamster6: Mannoroth
outterpheonix: Horde??
outterpheonix: you sure?
outterpheonix: cuz i only play allaince
te evil hamster6: scroll up
te evil hamster6: and
te evil hamster6: theres thedarkomen on horde
te evil hamster6: so u cant be alliance
outterpheonix: sec
outterpheonix: outterpheonix (6:36:05 PM): TheDarkOmen
outterpheonix (6:36:09 PM): Mannoroth Allaince
outterpheonix (6:36:26 PM): time Eastern 18:35
outterpheonix (6:36:27 PM): pm
outterpheonix (6:36:32 PM): for them to deliver
outterpheonix (6:36:46 PM): email
outterpheonix: you ok?
te evil hamster6: outterpheonix: TheDarkOmen
outterpheonix: Mannoroth Horde
outterpheonix: time Eastern 18:35
outterpheonix: pm
outterpheonix: for them to deliver
outterpheonix: email
te evil hamster6: you okay?
te evil hamster6: you cant have 2 chars same server same name
outterpheonix: um..i dont know what your tryng to pull..but its not funny.
outterpheonix signed off at 7:59:58 PM.

i have screenshots if anyone can tell me how you get them , like what folder or w/e

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haha nice try. by the by, where are the timestamps on those im's?


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haha nice try. by the by, where are the timestamps on those im's?

[/ QUOTE ]

the real question is wwheres my 113 dollars [censored]

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That guy is a scammer who spoes to send me a Xbox360 for an account and took 150$ of mine.

[/ QUOTE ]

uh i never sold you an xbox 360 kid. now quit your [censored]. its not funny.


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Who ever outterpheonix is a scammer i just talk with him on AIM he said I send u a new 1 right now get the limition off my paypal i send him 80$ for shiping and he came back and said he needed 50 more so I sent that as well he said going to give me tracking # and never did e-mail him a lot of times and everthing. Paypal took it into there own hands He tryed to scam me and thats it and when I just talked to him he goes i send u a new 1 right now fix it fix it so idont know bunch of [censored] if u ask me.


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Pure scammer.
Deal was made on 6/20/06 for me to level his mage from 53.5 ->60 for $80. Refused to pay any before completion, which should have been more of a warning sign.

Job finished on 6/24/06.
"it didn't go through? i thought i had the right email?"

"need to get verified by paypal"

"just one more business day"

"just transferring funds now"

6/28/06, i find i'm blocked on AIM
when i message him from an alt SN, he tells me he's never sending me my money, and to engage myself in intercourse.

well, if nothing else, he gave me positive feedback for being good at what i do.
still a scammer.


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LOL That guy owes me 62 dollars. What a nub.