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SCAMMER! strikezintime


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strikezintime [2:51 P.M.]: Hey did you still have your accnt for trade?
BronxDevil95 [2:51 P.M.]: All of them yeah
strikezintime [2:51 P.M.]: Warrior right?
BronxDevil95 [2:51 P.M.]: Yeah
BronxDevil95 [2:51 P.M.]: What you have?
strikezintime [2:51 P.M.]: Epic rogue.
BronxDevil95 [2:51 P.M.]: Okay gear and weapon
BronxDevil95 [2:52 P.M.]: ?
strikezintime [2:52 P.M.]: 8/8 NS 3/8 BF Viskad and Brut blade
strikezintime [2:52 P.M.]: also Fang of Faceless incase of needed dagger speced.
BronxDevil95 [2:52 P.M.]: Why would you trade that for my warr
strikezintime [2:52 P.M.]: Your warrior sucks?
BronxDevil95 [2:52 P.M.]: No
BronxDevil95 [2:53 P.M.]: Just i dont have full tier anything
BronxDevil95 [2:53 P.M.]: Read post
strikezintime [2:53 P.M.]: Can you post it again?
strikezintime [2:53 P.M.]: Or tell me the gear
BronxDevil95 [2:53 P.M.]: So you nev read it
strikezintime [2:53 P.M.]: I did
strikezintime [2:53 P.M.]: I added you and never caught you online
strikezintime [2:53 P.M.]: I forgot.
BronxDevil95 [2:54 P.M.]: Account 1:
60 tauran Warrior: Thunderlord Server pvP (Instant Bgs)
2/8 Might
3/3 Defilars
3/6 general/Warlord
The Obesidan Edge Blade
MANY Epics
2 Epic Mounts

Account 2:
60 Undead Rogue: Hakkar PvP (Instant Bgs)
Shadowcraft and StromShroud (Mixed for Set Buffs)
HeartSeeker and Distracting Dagger
150+ Gold
Epic MoAccount 1:
60 tauran Warrior: Thunderlord Server pvP (Instant Bgs)
2/8 Might
3/3 Defilars
3/6 general/Warlord
The Obesidan Edge Blade
MANY Epics
2 Epic Mounts
BronxDevil95 [2:54 P.M.]: Account 2:
60 Undead Rogue: Hakkar PvP (Instant Bgs)
Shadowcraft and StromShroud (Mixed for Set Buffs)
HeartSeeker and Distracting Dagger
150+ Gold
Epic Mount
Guilded in ZG,AQ Guild
BronxDevil95 [2:54 P.M.]: Account 3:
60 Human Paladin: Kargath PvE
LightForge and Valor set
1 Lawbringer
Acrate Reaper
Skullfalme Shield
2 Epic
Epic mount
Guilded in All raiding Guild
Has DKP Left

60 undead Priest: Akama PvP
Has Devout
Mixed Sets
Normal Mount
strikezintime [2:54 P.M.]: whats wrong with the warrior?
strikezintime [2:54 P.M.]: Rank 12 right?
BronxDevil95 [2:54 P.M.]: Nothing
BronxDevil95 [2:54 P.M.]: Nope
BronxDevil95 [2:54 P.M.]: Was
strikezintime [2:55 P.M.]: What rank now?
BronxDevil95 [2:55 P.M.]: Prob 6
strikezintime [2:55 P.M.]: Ouchg
BronxDevil95 [2:55 P.M.]: Yeah but i will trade you all 3 accounts for your rogue
BronxDevil95 [2:55 P.M.]: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/121444/an/0/page/0#121444
strikezintime [2:56 P.M.]: FunkyShaman123: lol
strikezintime [2:56 P.M.]: thought it was funny lol
BronxDevil95 [2:56 P.M.]: ?
BronxDevil95 [2:57 P.M.]: LOLL
BronxDevil95 [2:57 P.M.]: So want all 3 for your rogue?
strikezintime [2:59 P.M.]: Hmm
BronxDevil95 [2:59 P.M.]: ?
strikezintime [3:01 P.M.]: What are the "many epics" on the warrior
BronxDevil95 [3:01 P.M.]: I have no idea its coolif you dont want 4 60s for 1
strikezintime [3:01 P.M.]: I just want your warrior.
BronxDevil95 [3:01 P.M.]: Other people will take 4 60s for 1
BronxDevil95 [3:01 P.M.]: Yeah but warr is not rank 12
BronxDevil95 [3:02 P.M.]: Ex general
strikezintime [3:02 P.M.]: I honor fast.
BronxDevil95 [3:02 P.M.]: yeah
BronxDevil95 [3:02 P.M.]: Unstant Bgs
BronxDevil95 [3:02 P.M.]: InStant
BronxDevil95 [3:02 P.M.]: Wanna trade?
strikezintime [3:02 P.M.]: tight ill take the warrior and rogue?
BronxDevil95 [3:02 P.M.]: Sure
strikezintime [3:02 P.M.]: Aight.
BronxDevil95 [3:03 P.M.]: Just to let you know I am Org owner of both
strikezintime [3:03 P.M.]: Ok good.
BronxDevil95 [3:03 P.M.]: So, How do I know your rogue is that good have any proof?
BronxDevil95 [3:04 P.M.]: ?
strikezintime [3:04 P.M.]: Saying im lying?
BronxDevil95 [3:04 P.M.]: No
BronxDevil95 [3:04 P.M.]: But can I see in-game
strikezintime [3:04 P.M.]: Sure
BronxDevil95 [3:05 P.M.]: Server?
strikezintime [3:05 P.M.]: Spirestone
BronxDevil95 [3:05 P.M.]: Ummm Who did you scam?
strikezintime [3:05 P.M.]: ?
strikezintime [3:05 P.M.]: [censored]?
BronxDevil95 [3:06 P.M.]: You have someone telling me you scamed
strikezintime [3:06 P.M.]: Who?
BronxDevil95 [3:06 P.M.]: For_the_Loose Negative 06/12/06 Scammed a friend of mine.
BronxDevil95 [3:06 P.M.]: He PMed me
strikezintime [3:06 P.M.]: lol
strikezintime [3:06 P.M.]: He pmed you?
BronxDevil95 [3:06 P.M.]: Yeah
BronxDevil95 [3:06 P.M.]: NVM though
strikezintime [3:06 P.M.]: orly?
BronxDevil95 [3:06 P.M.]: I never heard you scammed someone
BronxDevil95 [3:06 P.M.]: So your fine with me
BronxDevil95 [3:07 P.M.]: So Trading?
BronxDevil95 [3:07 P.M.]: Umm You there?
strikezintime [3:07 P.M.]: yea i want your warrior
strikezintime [3:07 P.M.]: sorry watching the world cup
BronxDevil95 [3:07 P.M.]: And Rogue?
strikezintime [3:07 P.M.]: yea so i can still have a rogue to pvp
BronxDevil95 [3:07 P.M.]: Cool
BronxDevil95 [3:08 P.M.]: Both have Instant Bgs
BronxDevil95 [3:08 P.M.]: And Rogue is in Ironforge lol
strikezintime [3:08 P.M.]: cool
BronxDevil95 [3:08 P.M.]: Your not paying attention, I dnt feel like trading like this
BronxDevil95 [3:09 P.M.]: I need you to respond.
strikezintime [3:09 P.M.]: lol
strikezintime [3:09 P.M.]: Ok im full atent now
strikezintime [3:09 P.M.]: sorry
strikezintime [3:09 P.M.]: France scored atm
BronxDevil95 [3:09 P.M.]: lol I was just watching that soccar?
strikezintime [3:09 P.M.]: soccer
strikezintime [3:09 P.M.]: yea
BronxDevil95 [3:10 P.M.]: lol
BronxDevil95 [3:10 P.M.]: K give me your infofirst
strikezintime [3:10 P.M.]: lol?
BronxDevil95 [3:10 P.M.]: My Rogue is
BronxDevil95 [3:10 P.M.]: Robfish
BronxDevil95 [3:10 P.M.]: because1
strikezintime [3:10 P.M.]: warrior first please
BronxDevil95 [3:10 P.M.]: You have my rogue
BronxDevil95 [3:10 P.M.]: k
strikezintime [3:10 P.M.]: ?
BronxDevil95 [3:10 P.M.]: Dansholy
BronxDevil95 [3:10 P.M.]: because1
strikezintime [3:10 P.M.]: because what?
BronxDevil95 [3:11 P.M.]: Thats pass
BronxDevil95 [3:11 P.M.]: because1
BronxDevil95 [3:11 P.M.]: Hello?
strikezintime [3:11 P.M.]: ok whats accnt name ?
BronxDevil95 [3:11 P.M.]: dansholy
BronxDevil95 [3:12 P.M.]: Hello?
BronxDevil95 [3:12 P.M.]: You there?
strikezintime [3:13 P.M.]: no im not
BronxDevil95 [3:13 P.M.]: [censored]
BronxDevil95 [3:13 P.M.]: Whats your rogues?
BronxDevil95 [3:14 P.M.]: DUDE
BronxDevil95 [3:14 P.M.]: YOUR A ****ING SCAMMER
strikezintime [3:15 P.M.]: your gear == vendored
BronxDevil95 [3:15 P.M.]: [censored]
BronxDevil95 [3:15 P.M.]: YOU VENDORED IT
strikezintime [3:15 P.M.]: AHAHHAHAHHAHAHAH
strikezintime [3:15 P.M.]: HAHAHHAHAHAHHA
strikezintime [3:15 P.M.]: no i ded it
strikezintime [3:15 P.M.]: and gave away the shards
BronxDevil95 [3:16 P.M.]: ****ER
strikezintime [3:16 P.M.]: ownt


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funny how you didnt post the other half of the convo where i said JK.. but you scammed this account off of my friend so get a life and remove my negative because your the scammer. You scammmed it from him and let it rot from rank 12 to rank 5 idiot.


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Bronx also was going to trade the warrior for my mage than he asked if he could check out the mage all day while he won't let me on the warrior because he doesn't have SQ/A.... gg Bronx.


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Funny how you try to pull it off as "JK" after changing the PW. G'luck with the rest of your markee visits. Your reputation is distroyed and you will never trade on these forums again. Good luck with the ONE account you will ever get you peice of @#[email protected]


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strikezintime (7:27:20 PM): still want my rogue?
tomatotz (7:27:28 PM): still want my druid?
strikezintime (7:27:31 PM): yes
tomatotz (7:28:13 PM): what happened to me being in a guild and everything?
strikezintime (7:28:18 PM): whatcha mean
tomatotz (7:28:22 PM): u said last night
tomatotz (7:28:31 PM): u have to be in a guild before i trade with u
strikezintime (7:28:35 PM): did u get into one?
tomatotz (7:28:43 PM): no i traded my account with pthorn
tomatotz (7:28:52 PM): but he didn't give me the correct account info
strikezintime (7:28:53 PM): went bad or what?
strikezintime (7:28:55 PM): ok
tomatotz (7:29:09 PM): i called blizzard and he lied about his email and secret question and answer
tomatotz (7:29:21 PM): but anyhow i gave him his account back
tomatotz (7:29:37 PM): or left like 50 msgged telling him his account psw
tomatotz (7:30:01 PM): alright
tomatotz (7:30:17 PM): anyways u have all the info on your rogue?
tomatotz (7:31:03 PM): hello?
strikezintime (7:31:33 PM): sorry
strikezintime (7:31:33 PM): back
tomatotz (7:32:19 PM): so do u have correct information on your rogue?
strikezintime (7:32:21 PM): yes
strikezintime (7:32:23 PM): h/o
tomatotz (7:32:54 PM): ?
strikezintime (7:33:07 PM): what did he trade you lol
tomatotz (7:33:46 PM): u have negative feedback
tomatotz (7:33:51 PM): from multiple people
strikezintime (7:34:06 PM): no listen
tomatotz (7:34:10 PM): no u listen
tomatotz (7:34:15 PM): if u want to trade with me
strikezintime (7:34:16 PM): it was a misunderstanding and he got all his friends
strikezintime (7:34:18 PM): to give me negs
tomatotz (7:34:26 PM): i need all your personal informaion
strikezintime (7:34:31 PM): [censored]
strikezintime (7:34:32 PM): like
tomatotz (7:34:49 PM): phone number, address name email ( school email is best)
strikezintime (7:34:57 PM): sure
strikezintime (7:34:59 PM): i dont care
tomatotz (7:35:14 PM): cause if i get scammed i'm getting your account banned and mine too
tomatotz (7:35:34 PM): bottom line thats whats going to happen cause u have negative feedback
strikezintime (7:35:54 PM): lol dude
strikezintime signed off at 7:36:30 PM.
strikezintime signed on at 7:36:35 PM.
tomatotz (7:37:21 PM): i say trade login and password and tomorrow i will call u to get the rest of the info when i talk to blizzard
strikezintime (7:37:40 PM): h/o man
tomatotz (7:38:19 PM): [censored]
tomatotz (7:38:28 PM): just talk to me when u actually have time
strikezintime (7:38:35 PM): okaz
tomatotz (7:38:54 PM): i'm not interested in talking if your going to be afk every 2 min